Things We’ve Read: Week of June 15th, 2015

 Philly Startup Targets Women With A New Pregnancy Test (Philly): Look forward to more environmentally friendly and easily disposable, aka biodegradable pregnancy tests on the market soon!

 7 Things I Learned About Life and Motherhood When I Went Back to Work (HuffPost): “ I don’t think working will make me a better or worse mom. Parenting is a daily struggle, no matter what.”

Hands That Itch to Hold the Spoon (Slate): An exploration of the history behind public discomfort of breastfeeding and its impact on baby food.

Palatetraining: Parents Aim to Buy the Best Food but Need to Make the Best Food (HuffPost): Train babies from the start to love nutritious healthy food…but remember, buying packaged organic purees is not the same as the real deal of fresh vegetables!

New York is First State to Allow Pregnant Women to Sign Up for Obamacare Outside Enrollment Period (Daily News): Legislators voted Wednesday to count pregnancy as a “life event,” which before then included having a baby and getting married.

The Most Important Things My Father Taught Me: Tory Burch, Liya Kebede, Georgina Chapman, and More (Glamour): Life lessons from dear Dad. #HappyFathersDay