Things We’ve Read: Week of July 6th, 2015

Are You Washing Your Hair Wrong? (Refinery29): A new way to get better hair days all the time.

Do You Trust A Robot With Your Baby? (Washington Post): When robots could start solving all our most stressful problems, including installing infant car seats correctly.

Women’s US Team Brings Home Their Third World Cup Trophy #SheBelieves (She Finds): There’s nothing you can’t do if you #believe! #SheBelieves

Murphy’s Law for Parents of 3-Year-Olds (HuffPost): Mischief managed.

The U.S. Navy Just Made An Incredible Update to Its Maternity Leave Policy (Huff Post): Slow progress, but it’s getting there! Women serving in the Navy & Marine Corps will receive 18 weeks of maternity leave, 3x the previous policy.

Pregnancy Test: Fiber Optics Might Make It Possible For Smartphones to Detect Pregnancy, Monitor Diabetes (Medical Daily): The power of the smartphone.