Things We’ve Read: Week of July 13th, 2015

A Wearable Tech Startup is Attempting to Fix a Problem the US Could Face as Early as 2020 (Business Insider): Introducing young generations, especially young girls, to tech through customizable-by-code accessories.

Dedicated Dad Goes Viral After Dressing as a Minion to Take Son to Minions Movie (HuffPost): Because we all need a little dress-up in our lives.

Moms of Twins Uses Hilarious Signs to Shut Down Strangers Who Ask Intrusive Questions (HuffPost): When strangers ask you intrusive questions…

Prenatal Blood Tests Could Detect Cancer in Mothers (WSJ): These noninvasive tests used to find genetic flaws in a fetus can also detect undiagnosed cancer in mothers.

Baby Overjoyed After Trying on Glasses For the First Time (Yahoo): A whole new world to explore, with the help of one pint-sized pair of glasses

No More Pump & Dump: IBM Plans To Ship Employee’s Breast Milk Home (Fortune): A new company perk catered towards the needs of new moms

The Independent Mothers of Iceland (The New Yorker): Being a single mother in the “most feminist country in the world.”

Babies’ Poop Faces Captured in Glorious Slow Motion in Award-Winning Pampers Ad (Adweek): Some glorious potty humor to end the week!