Things We’ve Read: Week of Jan. 18th, 2015

I’m Not Pregnant. It’s Just My Belly (HuffPost): After being asked her due date while not pregnant, Brittany Policastro delves into various cultural and societal views on body image, and questions why so many seek validation in conforming to such standards.

43 and Pregnant (NYT): A mother of three writes on the emotions of excitement and concern she’s feeling after discovering she is pregnant with her fourth child at age 43.

Why I Hated Being Pregnant (Yahoo): Elise Solé reflects on the reasons she was physically and emotionally uncomfortable during pregnancy, and why many other expecting moms feel the same.

BPA Exposure during Pregnancy Causes Oxidative Stress in Child, Mother (Endocrine Society): A new study shows that exposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemical BPA during pregnancy can cause damage that may put a baby at risk of developing diabetes or heart disease later in life.

Moms With Fat Bottoms Make More Intelligent Children (Inquisitr): The fat in the lower body of a pregnant woman has been found to be the main source of brain-building nutrients in breastmilk.

Montgomery County neglect inquiry shines spotlight on ‘free-range’ parenting (Washington Post): Danielle and Alexander Meitiv are challenging an investigation they’re facing for neglect after allowing their children to walk together unaccompanied from a park a mile away from home.