Things We’ve Read: Week of Jan. 4th, 2016

This App Can Tell You Why Your Baby Is Crying (MindBodyGreen): Smartphone nanny – accuracy of 92% for infants under 2 weeks old…

This 6-Year-Old’s Response to Someone Shaming His Mom Is Priceless (Huff Post): Kudos to the little man for speaking up for his mom’s right to express milk

“Rice Ball Babies” Might Be The Cutest Meme Japan Has Ever Created (Refinery29): Baby memes taking Japan (and the world) by storm

Supermodel Mom Shares Her Restaurant Busy Bag Tricks for Toddlers (Parenting): Crafty tips for a more pleasant dining-out experience

Here’s What Australia Is Doing to Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Their Kids (Mic News): One government’s solution to the non-vaccination issue

7 Creative Tips for Juggling Work And Family (Fast Company): Strategies from successful execs on managing to “have it all”

Why Olivia Wilde’s Photo Of Her Toddler Is Stirring Up Controversy (Huff Post): What do you think of baby photos on social media?

Pregnant Anne Hathaway Poses In Her Bikini On The Beach (Refinery29): Ringing in the new year with a beautiful baby bump – congrats to Anne Hathaway!

These Provocative Ads Are Sending An Important Message About Breastfeeding in Public (Mic): Equinox’s fierce support for public breastfeeding