Things We’ve Read: Week of Jan. 30th, 2014

Babies Ruin Bodies (WeSeekJoy): A lovely ode to a post-partum body.

Oral Care During Pregnancy (BoldSky): “Don’t forget to brush your teeth” becomes a lot more important when you are expecting.

Dads “Get Pregnant” for Hilarious Calendar (Babble): Wisconsin dads pose in realistic home birth scenarios. It’s funny, it’s an unambiguous quake in socially acceptable portrayals of masculinity and it’s for a good cause. (Buy it here!)

Full-body pregnancy simulator will help train medical personnel at local hospital (KSBY):  Cool scientific advancement that medical personnel are now using to better train for pregnancy and childbirth!

8 Things Every Pregnant Woman Secretly Wishes Her Husband Would Say (TheStir): “Yes, honey, I’ll skip the game and we can watch the birthing DVDs from your midwife.” What mom-to-be wouldn’t want to hear that from her husband (and more)?