Things We’ve Read: Week of Jan. 11th, 2016

The U.S. Successfully Bans Microbeads in Beauty Products (Refinery29): Progress!

Why The U.S. Will Finally Do Something About Paid Parental Leave This Year (Fast Company): Cities, like NYC, Boston and DC, are beginning to enact paid parental leave for their workers. Another takeaway: “The more men deepen their identities as parents, the more parental leave is being recast as a parents’ issue”

When A Big Baby Isn’t So Big (NYTimes): Research shows a significant number of women are wrongly told they were having large babies and that mothers who believe they were having large babies are more likely to ask for C-sections

Moms On Instagram Are Getting Wildly Competitive Over the State of Their Kids’ Lunch Boxes (Tech Insider): Creative edible artworks

In One Song, David Bowie Captured the Beautiful Uncertainty of Being a New Parent (Huff Post): RIP to this legend.

How the Astronomical Cost of Child Care Is Forcing More Women To Quit Their Jobs (Fast Company): High costs of child care have a great impact on juggling career and family.

The Future of C-Section Care Is Here — And It’s Way Better For Moms (Huff Post): Improving the C-section experience to help mothers feel more present and empowered

Mark Zuckerberg Shared This Pic of His Daughter at the Doctor and the Anti-Vaxxers Lost It (Mic News): Triggering the  vaccination debate

This Tiny Detail Will Make You Miss Snape Even More (Huff Post): RIP Alan Rickman.