Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 9th, 2015

Is your shampoo full of harmful chemicals? (The Guardian): The details on the harmful ingredients in your hair products, and what to avoid and why.

Doulas, a Growing Force in Maternity Culture, Seek Greater Acceptance (NYT):
Doulas play an increasingly larger role in maternity, providing women with a range of services from emotional support to assist with pain management during birth, however due to resistance from the medical profession they are still a small part of the system.

How Online Interaction Shapes Everything From Baby Name Trends To Revolutions (HuffPost): New research suggests that the structure of large social networks with increased interaction are most likely to determine social norms, and how wide-scale communication provided by social networks influences attitudes and beliefs.

A Mom Let Her Toddler Style Her For A Week And The Results Are Crazy Adorable (BuzzFeed): The adorable creations that result when these moms let their toddlers act as their personal stylists for a week.

9 Ways to Respond When Co-Workers Call Your Maternity Leave ‘Vacation’ (Yahoo): Ways to use humor to respond to coworkers who misunderstand the reasons behind maternity leave.

Bethany Hamilton is pregnant! See her cute bump go surfing (USA Today): The famous surfer who survived a nearly fatal shark attack in 2003 is expecting her first child, a son.