Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 10th, 2014

Why We Did a 180 With Our Fertility Plan (Babble): An interesting story about one couple’s experience with fertility treatments and their decision to bring conception back “in house.”

Does Your Baby’s Poop Smell Better Than Other Babies’ Poop? (Gawker): Why, yes. Of course my baby’s poop smells better than other babies’ poop.

Baby heart-disease risk ‘shaped early in pregnancy (BBC): A recent piece of research discusses the connection between baby’s first trimester growth and cardiovascular health outcomes.

Study finds liver tumors in mice exposed to low levels of BPA (UMichigan): More evidence on the importance of avoiding BPA. This new study finds liver tumors in mice exposed to BPA from their mothers when they were fetuses, and through nursing.

5 Tools for Pregnant Women, New Moms, and Women Who Are Considering Pregnancy (CDC): From health e-cards to a folic acid quiz to pregnancy health reminders, here are a few tools the CDC offers pregnant women.