Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 8th, 2016

The Ugly Reality Of A Too Short Maternity Leave (Refinery29): “What we don’t hear about are the high costs new parents are already paying…We don’t talk about postpartum pain…”

This Hands-Free Baby Stroller Follows You Wherever You Go All On Its Own (Tech Insider): “Move over self-driving cars, Smartbe has arrived.”

“Insidious, Invisible” Impacts On Baby Health (Environmental Health News): Exposures to contaminants increases risk of delivering preterm babies

These Baby Names Are About To Take Over In 2016 (Good Housekeeping): Gender-neutral names are in.

10 Social Media Tips From A Toddler (Huff Post): “Always like your own Facebook status. At least then you have one Like.”

Six Steps to Curb Materialism in Your Kids (NY Times): Start with teaching kids how to track their money and where it’s going.

How These Companies Have Created Kid-Friendly Offices For Working Parents (Fast Company): Most important is having a culture that is family friendly.

NFL Players Doing Their Daughters’ Hair Is The Best Super Bowl Ad Yet (Thrillist): Being an NFL player is pretty tough; being a dad is by no means easy either”