Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 29nd, 2016

This Is What Paid Leave Looks Like In Every U.S. State (Fast Company): A history of paid parental leave policies and what the future looks like

Should You Select Your Child’s Gender? The Debate Surrounding Chrissy Teigen’s IVF Reveal (Vogue): Debate on the moral principle of using IVF specifically to pick gender and the future of genetic selection

Calorie Counts On The Kids’ Menu (NYTimes): For children, calories are a guideline – “we need to think about things like nutritional density and the value our body gets as a whole”

This Hilarious Coloring Book Is For All The Moms (Huff Post): Color in “A Day In The Life of Mom”

How Anne Hathaway Plays Up Her Pregnancy Glow At The Oscars After-Party (Vogue): Pregnancy glows on the red carpet

Breastfeeding Moms At The Oscars Were Forced To Pump-and-Dump In The Bathroom (Mic): “Why are Hollywood’s nursing moms relegated to toilets during what is one of their profession’s most popular events?”

Are We Over-Testing Women During Pregnancy? (SELF): “Is all this testing really vital, or is it just causing unnecessary handwringing?”