Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 22nd, 2016

It’s Time To Acknowledge That Parenting Is Real Work (Huff Post): “It’s time to dispel the myth that women’s time and work is inherently less valuable than men’s” – Melinda Gates.

What You Can Do If Your Company Doesn’t Have A Maternity Leave Policy (Fast Company): It could be an opportunity to start the discussion to establish one and change your company’s culture

11 Brutally Honest Celebrity Quotes About Pregnancy (Marie Claire): Which ones do you relate to?

Can Robots Help Kids Learn Second Languages Faster? (Co.Exist): These robots could adapt its approach to keep kids engaged.

Mom Schools The Internet On The Magic Of Breast Milk in Viral Post (Huff Post): “Not only is it possible, it’s even probable, that when a breastfeeding mother or her breastfeeding baby becomes ill, the appearance of the breast milk being produced changes.”

This Brilliantly Simple Graphic Turns Your Grocery Receipts Into A Health Tool (Co.Exist): Review nutritional data of your grocery purchases as you shop

This Dual-Heeled Shoe Aims To Make Stilettos As Comfortable As Sneakers (Fast Company): Would you wear one of these?

People Are Sharing Adorable Pictures of Obama and Little Kids – and the Internet Can’t Get Enough (Tech Insider): #ObamaAndKids currently trending