Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 17th, 2014

Bellabeat’s Device Lets Women Track and Analyze Their Pregnancy from Home (VentureBeat): Through Bellabeat’s device, women can hear, record, and share their baby’s heartbeat; monitor their baby’s movement and development; track and analyze their pregnancy weight gain.

Harmful, untested chemicals rife in personal care products (Harvard University): “The (toxic) load adds up quickly day after day. And as we swallow, breathe in, and lather up, toxins entering our bodies may have lasting impact.” -Mia Davis BeautycounterHarvard School of Public Health

Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid While Pregnant (9Bliss): A helpful reminder from our friends at 9BLISS about the chemicals to avoid in cosmetics.

How a Pregnant Mother’s Diet Could Change a Child’s Brain (The Atlantic): We always knew that pregnancy health is very important. New research looks at the impact a mother’s diet has on her child’s health and weigh.

New class of moms-to-be not taking pregnancy sitting down (Boston Herald): The Crossfit Pregnancy controversy from the fall is not just about one woman – but about many who want to feel more empowered during pregnancy through their fitness routines.