Things We’ve Read: Week of Dec. 29th, 2014

How Men Experience Pregnancy (Yahoo Parenting): A study finds that fathers-to-be also experience physiological changes such as declines in the steroid hormones testosterone and estradiol when expecting a new baby.

Earworm alert! Favorite Video Parodies of 2014 (TODAY): The ten funniest parenting videos that had everyone laughing this year.

America’s Largest Employer Needs to Step It Up For Pregnant Workers (HuffPost): After announcing a new accommodation policy for pregnant workers in March 2014, Walmart employees are saying it’s still not enough.

‘So happy’: Parents Shocked By Quadruplet Pregnancy Welcome Four Girls (TODAY): After a an eight-year struggle with infertility, the Gardners whose famous reaction to learning they were pregnant with quadruplets have welcomed their baby girls into the world.

Parenting Stories That Warmed — and Broke — Our Hearts in 2014 (ABC News): Beautiful stories of parenthood from the past year that had the world moved.

Fertility Preservation Diet: Eat This To Boost Pregnancy Odds (Yahoo Health): Ten foods that improve egg health for women planning to conceive.

Reporter Gives Glimpse Into Every Week Of Pregnancy With New Book (Black Hills FOX): After a decade of work, Carey Wickersham is releasing a “high tech” book for expecting mothers, providing a week-by-week guide to pregnancy.

11 Parenting Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2015 (HuffPost): One writer’s parenting resolutions for the new year that can bring you and your family closer together.