Things We’ve Read: Week of Dec. 16th, 2013

AAP Advises Women & Children Not to Consume Raw Milk Products (American Academy of Pediatrics):  One of the leading medical groups for pediatrics supports a ban on the sale of raw milk in the U.S. and advises pregnant women, infants and children to consume only pasteurized milk, cheese and other milk products.

Weighing Cord Blood Donation Against Private Banks (NYTimes): Cord Blood is controversial topic and a personal decision for every new parent. Cara Paiuk helps readers consider whether a private cord blood bank the right choice.

Bigger Postpartum Challenges Than Just Baby Weight (Wall Street Journal): While you’re pregnant … why you should get out of bed by lying on your side and pushing yourself up with their arm. Read more about recent discoveries about the impact of pregnancy on your muscles and bones.

Ask Well: Sterilizing Baby Bottles? (NYTimes): Awesome video by Zena & Zeke on why we don’t need to sterilize baby bottles like our moms and grandmothers did. Plus an great mini-history of baby bottles!

263 “Pregnancy” Recipes from India! (Tarladalal):Looking for some new ideas for healthy recipes during pregnancy? We love these Indian recipes – focused specifically on pregnancy health.