Things We’ve Read: Week of Dec. 28th, 2015

From Anne Hathaway to the Duchess of Cambridge, the Best Maternity Style of 2015 (Vogue): Maternity inspirations of 2015.

6-Hour Work Days! Amazing Maternity Leave! 2015 In Scandinavia Envy (Fast Company): The many social policies we can learn from our Scandinavian friends.

Preschool Without Walls (NY Times): The rise of nature/outdoor preschools, where the earth is your classroom.

Important Lessons We Can Learn From 10 Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions (Upworthy): Because kids are rational about these things and because sometimes, we adults just complicate things.

The Second Coming of Hyaluronic Acid (NY Times): The beauty benefits of hyaluronic acid in making skin a little smoother and a little dewier.

As Home Births Grow in U.S., A New Study Examines The Risks (NY Times):  Pros and cons to support both sides of the debate over whether it’s safe to have a baby outside of the hospital; perhaps, a better question is how to improve communication and trust between hospital and out-of-hospital providers.

80-Hour Work Week? This is How She (or He) Does It (NY Times): The truth behind the myth of doing it all – “flexibility by omission”