Things We’ve Read: Week of Dec. 14th, 2015

Can You Get Fired On Maternity Leave? (Vogue): It is possible, but the issue is heavily nuanced.

Mark Zuckerberg Shares His First Daddy-Daughter Photo (Refinery29): One diaper down, thousands more to go.

Mattel’s New Barbie Ad Encourages Little Girls To “Imagine The Possibilities,” & Brings On All The Feels In The Process (Bustle): You can be anything you wanted to be and more.

Everyone Drink Up (Slate): Nursing moms, it’s okay to have a few drinks during the holidays.

This Brain Scan Image Illustrates the Powerful Bond Between Mother and Child (Mic): Like mother, like baby.

How to Get the Perfect Family Holiday Photo in 18 ‘Easy’ Steps (Huff Post): The struggles of holidays card photos.

14 Hilarious Cartoons That Sum Up Parenting During The Holidays (Huff Post): The hectic time of the holiday season aptly summed up.