Things We’ve Read: Week of Aug. 4th, 2014

Man’s ‘Maternity Pics’ Go Viral (the Stir): One dad’s goofy maternity pics remind expectant mothers of the beauty of pregnancy.

5 Healthy Beauty Tips to Enjoy the Last Days of Summer (HuffPost): Here are some beauty tips for you to enjoy your summer.

Your Guide To Reading Beauty Labels (Daily Life): Navigate your way through current beauty buzzwords.

Decoding One-A-Days (Pregnancy & Newborn): Your guide to prenatal supplements.

Miscarriage Risk And Fertility Issues Increase With BPA Exposure (EmpowHer): Exercise caution as studies have shown that exposure to chemicals like BPA interrupts our bodies’ hormones.

As More Male Bass Switch Sex, A Strange Fish Story Expands (Washington Post): Endocrine-disrupting chemicals not only affect humans, but fish as well, as seen by recent large numbers of intersex fish found in US river regions.

8 Moms Reveal How They Broke The Pregnancy News To Their Kids (the Stir): These were the ways several moms broke the news to their older children.

Basic Facts Of Cord Blood Banking (HuffPost): Banking cord blood preserves stem cells, unspecialized cells that can become different tissue and organ cells in the body.

Got Morning Sickness? New Research Shows It Might Be Better For Your Baby (Today): Research indicates that women with morning sickness are less likely to have a premature birth or miscarriage.