Things We’ve Read: Week of Aug. 17th, 2015

Why Moms Love Snapchat (NY Mag): Perfect for low-pressure/no-pressure updates

New Study Links Preterm Birth with Microbes in Mom’s Body (Washington Post): Initial links between bacteria in the reproductive tract and premature birth.

There’s A Kids’ Book That Promises To Make Anyone Fall Asleep (HuffPost): Hopefully the answer to every parent’s bedtime struggles.

Shorter Women Have Shorter Pregnancies – and that can be a big problem (Washington Post): Data from a study of mothers in Finland, Denmark and Norway suggests shorter mothers had shorter pregnancies, smaller babies and a higher risk of preterm births.

The Cat-And-Baby Video To End All Cat-And-Baby Videos (HuffPost): The cutest video to end the week

Baby Girl…Big Sister (HuffPost): Making the transition from only child to elder sibling

6 Questions Parents Should Really Be Asking Pediatricians (HuffPost): Helpful advice from those who have watched hundreds of kids grow up.