Things We’ve Read: Week of April 7th, 2014

A Father With No Money Hand Built This Crib 30 Years Ago. Wait Til You See What That Baby Just Did. (ViralNova): DIY Inspiration passed down from generation to generation.

Panel Backs Aspirin Use for Some Pregnant Women (WSJ): While aspirin is generally not recommended during pregnancy, there might be a role for low dosages (baby aspirin) in preventing pre-eclampsia.

Gestational Diabetes Rates Rapidly Increasing (ActiveBeat): A healthy lifestyle and diet are critical before and during pregnancy. Rates of gestational diabetes have doubled since the 90’s with 10% of women over 30 & 13% of women over 40 affected.

The TiPED Tiers: If you heart science, you’ll enjoy checking out TIPED. This is one model for determining whether a new chemical poses risk of endocrine disruption in humans.

Trouble Getting Pregnant? Blame Stress! (FitPregnancy): Trying to get pregnant? Some helpful tips on how to minimize stress and take control!