Things We’ve Read: Week of April 27th, 2015

24 Toxic Skin-Care Ingredients + What To Use Instead – Infographic (Mind Body Green): An updated list of harmful chemicals to avoid in your beauty products and safe alternatives.

The Pregnant Therapist (The New York Times): Psychologist Jessica Zucker describes her feelings when working in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health while experiencing pregnancy for herself.

FDA aims to dispel ‘myth of the medication-free pregnancy’ (Chicago Tribune): Beginning June 2015, the Food and Drug Administration will require a new labeling system for prescription drugs in hopes of calming concerns over pregnant women taking prescriptions.

The Many Dances of Parenting (Huffington Post): The six phases of parenting experienced when watching your children grow.

Would You Wear Makeup in the Maternity Ward? (Yahoo Beauty): The discussion over the influence celebrity moms have on the average American woman to look glamorous after just giving birth.

10 Reasons Motherhood is the Easiest Thing Ever (Huffington Post): In celebration of upcoming Mother’s Day, one mom writes about the joys of motherhood and which aspects she most enjoys, and even finds easy.

17 Stunning Images Show Prima Ballerinas Balancing Motherhood With Their Dance Careers (Huffington Post): Beautiful photos of women being ballerinas in the studio, but above all, being mothers as well.