Things We’ve Read: Week of April 20th, 2015

Pregnancy Diets And Early Years Nutrition: Spreading The Word (The Guardian): Pediatricians and dietitians in the UK discuss how improving nutritional health for pregnant women and children might be the best way to increase national health.

Inducing Labor at Full Term May Have Benefits (New York Times): New research shows that inducing labor after 39 weeks may not be as complicated and dangerous as previous studies have shown.

Delaying Pregnancy May Reduce Risk Of Ovarian Cancer (Huffington Post): New studies show that women who have children after the age of 30 may have lower risks of ovarian cancer.

How To Talk About Your Pregnancy At Work (Bloomberg): Research shows that disclosing your pregnancy at work might be beneficial for those keeping it private. Transparency may help eliminate the bias against pregnant women in the workplace.

What’s Listeria and How Is It Traced to Ice Cream? (New York Times): Blue Bell Creameries recently recalled products due to the discovery of listeria bacteria. Here’s what you need to know about listeria.

A Glorious Recap Of Duchess Kate’s Best Maternity Looks Over The Past 9 Months (Huffington Post): Check out these breathtaking and inspirational photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. Her maternity style is elegant and flawless!