The Un-Shower

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

Why not throw a baby shower your friends actually want to come to?

Fact: Every time any person under 70 gets an invitation to a baby shower, she rolls her eyes and tries to think of ways to get out of it. Yes, every time. And she will for yours too. Between the wishing well, those embarrassing shower games, and the sitting around for 2 hours while the mama-to-be opens each and every last gift from each and every last co-worker’s cousin’s daughter, you can’t blame her for wanting to jump out of her skin.

But wait! You don’t have to have one of those showers! For this last big hoorah before baby arrives, why not throw a party that everyone — including you — will want to attend? Here’s a few ideas for a great “Un-Shower” that will have all the girls you know praying for an invitation:

Terrarium-Making: Flower workshops are sooo last year. For a new twist on the classic, bring your group to Twig Terrariums where you can all create customized little green worlds filled with the hilarious miniature figurines the Gowanus shop is known for. $150/person for two-hour private workshops. Groups larger than 20 get discounted rates.

Makeup Workshop: The first night out after baby comes is worth putting on your “going out” face, so perfect your “hot mama” look now with a group of friends at a Jessa Blades makeup workshop. The Brooklyn-based makeup artist, natural beauty expert and herbalist offers regular workshops around the country, but will also put together an event for a small group.

DIY Spa Products: For a celebration centered around that beautiful body of yours, a DIY spa product party in your living room (or someone else’s) may be the way to go. The Good Home Company founder and CEO Christine Dimmick will help you create body lotion, massage oil, foot scrub, bubble bath or shower gel, all from natural ingredients that you can feel “Good” about. Prices start at $1,200. Email for more info.

Tie-Dye Party: There’s no better baby onesie than a tie-dyed baby onesie. Unless that baby onesie is tie-dyed by YOU! We’re lucky enough to have tie-dye guru Shabd Simon-Alexander in our own great city, so take advantage, ladies! For a private workshop safe for pregnancy, Shabd can pre-mix dyes, then come teach you and your friends some cool tying techniques and guide you through some dipping and dripping. For those afraid of messes, she’ll keep the buckets at home and finish off your creations herself. Email for group pricing.

Cooking Class: If you’re a domestic at heart, or just love to eat, a cooking class could be the un-shower of your dreams. Michelle Marinis, founder of Petit Organics and healthy-eating website Silver Spoon (coming soon!), offers private in-home cooking lessons for groups. For a mama-to-be, she can focus on nutritional prenatal recipes, but your non-pregnant friends shouldn’t fret — for a little extra, she’ll bring over a case of wine to really get that party started. Prices start at $800 for 2 hours. Email for details.

Crafting Workshop: Whether you want to learn to sew, feel an urge to knit using your arms, or have another creative endeavor in mind, the Brooklyn Craft Company can come up with the DIY party of your dreams. Private events at this Greenpoint studio are suitable for any skill level, and can also include food and beverages. If WE were planning an un-shower, we’d choose the Catlady Craft Night (cat nail art, anyone?) but maybe that’s just us.

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