The Top 5 Pregnancy and Parenting Apps

Babies might not come with custom instruction manuals, but, given the abundance of apps designed for pregnancy and parenting, there are some top-notch digital tools to make your life with little ones go more smoothly. Whether you want to chart your fertility preconception, keep up to date on your baby's growth in utero, or even find a stellar caregiver once the baby has arrived, there's an app to support you.

But which ones are worth your time?

This list of the top 5 pregnancy-related and parenting apps will get you started with the best of the best. These will help you get the most important information you need when you need it most. Some of the apps even have staying power well beyond pregnancy.

Ovia Fertility helps women conceive faster. If you're trying to conceive, Ovia Fertility is a must-have. This user-friendly app is nothing short of comprehensive when it comes to understanding your own cycle, tracking your data, analyzing patterns, and giving feedback on your most fertile times. Ovia Fertility is far more than a simple ovulation calendar. The app learns your unique cycle, even if you have irregular periods, and makes custom predictions based on the information you provide. You will receive health summaries and statistics based on your own data, as well as daily fertility scores and fertility windows. Ovia Fertility also provides expert articles and information on conception and fertility for your benefit.

BabyCenter's My Pregnancy & Baby Today simplifies the day-to-day of pregnancy. Enter your baby’s due date and you’re ready to go with day-by-day pregnancy tips, weekly checklists and reminders, and fetal development images. This particular app is so valuable because it boasts a long list of truly helpful features: nutrition advice, fitness ideas, baby product reviews, and an extensive archive of articles on pregnancy-related topics, to name a handful. There’s also a strong community of other mothers and moms-to-be. You can join a birth month club, ask questions on topic forums, and connect over your pregnancy experiences. Then, once you deliver, it switches to daily parenting guidance to support you through baby's first year.

Expectful helps you practice self care during your pregnancy. Expectful fills a much-needed niche in the pregnancy app market. While it’s vital to focus on the baby during this time, it’s just as important for you to take care of your emotional needs. Expectful offers trimester specific guided meditations, exercises for couples, and tips on breath and posture. And there’s science to back up the content: everything offered is designed by experts in prenatal care, meditation, psychology, and linguistics. The idea is simple: meditation during pregnancy and beyond decreases stress, enhances immunity, and has been shown to have a positive impact on the bonding between you and your baby. The app also cultivates community groups, so you can connect with like-minded moms.

Eat Sleep is the simplest way to track your baby's eating, sleeping, and diapering habits. A user-friendly personal homepage shows a summary of your baby’s daily activities and you add all of the information you want to track. You can chart your baby’s feeding times, sleeping and waking patterns, diaper changes, and monitor daily, weekly, and monthly totals. The app also allows you to take notes, so that you can add crucial details. Eat Sleep switches easily between children, so it’s perfect for maintaining a miniature database on an entire crew of kids. The beauty of Eat Sleep is its simplicity: it isn’t bogged down with useless features, and it’s a breeze to use.

Sitter takes the hassle out of finding a trusted caregiver. When your baby arrives, and you’re ready for date nights or me-time, you’ll want Sitter. This app is different from most of the babysitter tools available. With Sitter, you add babysitters into your contact list, send them a booking, and the sitters will respond with a “yes” or a “no.” They don’t need to have the app to interact with it: they will receive a text. You set your sitters’ rates in the app, and at the end of the job, you can use the app to pay the sitter, cash free (of course, you can pay in cash if you'd like). You can add the sitters you already know to a contact list, or if you’re just starting out looking for quality care, you can find sitters in your network of friends or search within y