The Perfect Enough Pregnancy

When I started Nine Naturals, it was in part in anticipation of that time when I would be ready to get pregnant and start my own family. I couldn’t believe that the products I was using on a daily basis were entering my bloodstream and polluting my body. How could I prepare my body without considering what I was putting in and on it? I’ve spent countless hours reading scientific texts, underlining books and speaking to doctors and chemists to learn more about pregnancy and how to have the healthiest pregnancy I could have by using the right products, eating the right foods and taking good physical and spiritual care of myself. By the time my husband and I started trying, I felt like the most well-informed pregnant woman-to-be!

Once I became pregnant this past spring, I aspired for a perfect pregnancy where I would do all the best things for myself and my baby. However, my intentions felt constantly thwarted by the seemingly physical assault of my surrounding environment upon me! I live in New York City, where I could only wish for a day with clean air uncompromised by car pollution, dust from construction and paint or someone puffing on cigarettes as I walk down the sidewalk. Also, trying to eat organically all the time in a city with sparse organic restaurant options is extremely difficult. I became plagued by my inability to escape my surroundings and to allow my baby the ability to grow inside me without being bombarded by chemicals.

At this time of frustration, I came upon an article in Fit Pregnancy, titled, “The Perfect Enough Pregnancy“. It helped me to take a step back from these feelings of fear and frustration I was having. I was relieved to know that other women had similar anxieties and that I can make many small, but meaningful changes that do add up to having a healthier pregnancy! I realized that I am capable of having a healthy baby without feeling like I am a failure for not packing up my home in New York and moving to an organic farm in Vermont for the rest of my pregnancy.

To me, Nine Naturals represents this “perfect enough” pregnancy. I created this line so that women could make confident choices about their beauty routine that would be safe for them and their baby. Not only that, I consider the products in our line easy substitutes in our otherwise chemical-ridden beauty routines. Our new line focuses not only on ingredient purity but also performance. I love that this line still keeps me feeling beautiful, but more naturally and organically! I hope you feel the same way!

Here’s to healthy moms and babies.