The Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom

Love is in the air! As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to think about the mothers in your life. Whether you’re treating your own mother, or another favorite mom you know, shower her with gifts that will make her heart skip a beat. We’ve come up with a selection of the most swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day gifts to show the mothers out there just how much you adore and appreciate them.

Give her a heart to wear on her sleeve. A single heart-shaped accessory adds just the right amout of festivity to a Valentine’s Day outfit, and you’ll get extra points for an item that holds up beyond a single holiday. Go for a scarf with a delicate heart pattern or striking heart-shaped drop earrings. We love the Rebecca Minkoff Chain Heart Crossbody Bag from Nordstrom in flattering, feminine rose. 

Think of her, and her little ones, for the most ideal gift. Whether you’re shopping for a mom-to-be, a new mother, or a veteran mom, self-care items are always on her mind. But since she’s a mom, she’s doubtlessly thinking about her kids, too, and is hyper-aware of the ingredients in what she’s bringing home. That’s why Nine Naturals hair care and body care products are so essential: you’re giving her a gift she needs, while also thinking of her kids. What could make her happier? Try the Nine Naturals Bath Bundle for a complete bath and body set. 

The best gifts include her friends, too. You want to celebrate a mother you love on Valentine’s Day, but remember that for moms, the biggest treat of all is time spent with other adults. Find a present that encourages her to invite her friends over for an all girl’s get-together, while still making the gift fun and not purely functional. Wine glasses, funky food trays, or adorable dessert plates will help your favorite mom remember to throw a party for herself once in awhile, not just for the kids. Try the SNOW Rose Party set (and don’t forget to include a fancy bottle of wine) from goop. 

Lingerie may seem cliche, but don’t rule it out. Lingerie is all the rage for bridal gifts, but once that bride has a baby, it’s “goodbye, frilly underthings” and “hello, nursing bras and granny panties.” Gifting a mother some sexy lingerie isn’t necessarily “for” her partner, but for her! Remind her that she’s still gorgeous and desirable, with or without stretch marks, by giving her a daring lingerie set. We’re partial to the Journelle Charlotte Camisole in black.

Bring out her glamorous side with bold accessories. What better time is there than Valentine’s Day to up the glam? Mothers often need a little push to go full-on glitz, so help the mom you love most go over the dazzling edge. Find glittery body art, a pair of glamourpuss sunglasses, or a set of audacious earrings to gift your favorite mother. We’re fans of Tom Ford’s Julianne sunglasses.

Give her pamper products to put the focus on her. It’s no secret that moms spend most of their days devoting themselves to other people. So giving a mother gifts that help her focus on herself are always a home-run choice. Find a luxurious bath set, soothing soaks, moisturizers, or full at-home spa day packages. A stellar makeup item is a great way to cap off a pampering gift set. Try the sweet Posh Pink Citron Spa set paired with the sassy Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Unapologetic

For the perfect gift, think classic. For Valentine’s Day, standbys like champagne and chocolate covered strawberries are always a lovely choice, and can be made more thoughtful with a heartfelt note or some other sort of personalization. For a stunning and absolutely delectable selection, go for the Golden Edible chocolate covered strawberries from Saks Fifth Avenue.