Taking Medications During Pregnancy

In recent years, medication use during pregnancy has received much attention. That’s because no one wants to be a test subject during their pregnancy, so it’s hard to get factual, evidence-based results on what’s safe and what isn’t. Thankfully, there are helpful resources like Mother to Baby that provide an approved list of pharmacological options when the going gets tough and you can’t deal with the ‘au naturel.’ To help you manage common pregnancy ailments like headaches, insomnia, and digestive problems, we are giving you a breakdown of the medications that are safe to take during pregnancy, along with natural remedies.

Headache. Unfortunately, tension headaches are common during pregnancy. In fact, they could start even before you’ve discovered you’re pregnant! Acetaminophen — commonly referred to as Tylenol — is known to be safe during pregnancy. This drug can also tame a fever, though recent studies showed that acetaminophen can cross the placenta barrier and impact a fetus’ brain development. This, they found, can result in symptoms in line with ADHD. Follow the instructions provided on the label, and if you have a fever of above 102 degrees, consult your doctor immediately.

Natural cures: prenatal massage, acupuncture, a warm or cool compress depending on type of headache, calming music in a dimly lit room, a warm bath.

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