• Summer Hair Fixes

    With so much attention on protecting our skin from the sun, we sometimes neglect the damage that the sun’s rays can have on our hair. The combination of heat, sweat, and humidity can seriously flatten and fry our locks. Here are our top three natural and pregnancy-safe beauty fixes to keep your hair happy and healthy this summer:

    Problem: Fried Hair

    Solution: Salt water from the ocean and chlorine from the pool can leave hair dry and brittle hair. To restore shine and lustrous texture back to your hair, use an all-natural deep conditioner in your hair, such as Nine Naturals Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner, to tame your tresses.

    For a little extra hydration, add a small amount of coconut oil and leave on for 20 min before washing out or work into an overnight hair treatment. Snipping off the damaged ends will help get your hair back to its normal, healthy texture.

    Problem: Flat Hair

    Solution: When fine or straight hair meets humidity, it can become limp. To add some va-va-voom, avoid using deep conditioner on roots, instead focusing only on the ends. Another must-avoid is heavy styling products, such as mouse or hairspray. This may seem counter-intuitive but product-buildup at the roots in conjunction with humid weather seriously flattens hair. Try blow drying hair upside down!

    Problem: Frizzy Hair

    Solution: To fight frizz, rub a tiny bit of natural conditioner into your hands and work it through your strands. Not only will this help smooth hair, it will also slightly weighing down the top layer to prevent further frizzing. Layered hair can lead to puffiness in the summer weather so don’t be afraid to ask your hairstylist for a blunter cut to help hold down the ends.


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  • How To Stay Cool in the Summer During Pregnancy

    Barbecues, beach days, and fresh-squeezed lemonade are just a few of the many joyous things you’ll experience during the summer; however, the bun in your proverbial oven has the baking temperature permanently set on high, which is leaving you wishing for the steamy summer to end, and the crisp fall to begin.

    Your rising body heat—thanks to the 40 percent increase in blood volume during pregnancy—causes you to sweat more and become more easily dehydrated, therefore it’s vital to keep cool. Here’s how:


    – Drink at least eight full glasses of water—if not more—to stay hydrated and protect the health of your growing baby.

    – Eat foods with a high water content, including: watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and spinach.

    – Avoid being outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is at its highest overhead.

    – Seek opportunities to cool off in a pool, lake or ocean—you’ll enjoy the weightless feeling, despite rocking a bump.

    – Nap, whenever possible, in a cool, dark room.

    – Crank up the air conditioner within your home, or position a fan to blast the cool breeze directly on your face/body.

    – Indulge in a fruit smoothie, frozen mocktail, or homemade granita to turn down the heat from the inside out.


    – Wear lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen and silk.

    – Dress your burgeoning belly in loose, breathable clothing, such as tunics, flowing skirts and dresses.

    – Avoid dark colored apparel, as it absorbs the most heat.

    – Protect your skin from sunburn by donning a large, floppy sun hat.

    – Remove rings and tighter fitting accessories to avoid discomfort, as heat induces swelling.


    – Keep a refreshing mineral water facial spray in your bag to mist your face and décolletage when you begin to feel overheated.

    – Apply an all-natural sunscreen—like Nine Naturals’ Natural Sunscreen SPF 32—before going outside, and reapply throughout the day, especially after being in water.

    – Spritz yourself with one of three subtly scented, 100 percent natural Pour le Monde perfumes first thing in the morning and whenever your body needs a fragrance refresh.

    – Calm and hydrate thirsty skin with 100% Pure’s Rose & Calendula Water Serum.

    Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to safely enjoy the sun, surf and sand during the dog days of summer. As always, contact your health care provider with specific questions regarding your pregnancy.


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  • 5 Summer Beauty Fixes

    When your body is changing during pregnancy, the hot summer months can bring a whole new crop of summer beauty problems, such as sunburn, dry hair, sweat and more. Luckily, there are many all-natural and pregnancy-safe beauty fixes for your summer beauty woes. Here’s our list:

    Summer Beauty Problem: Sunburn

    Prevent sunburns from happening in the first place by using an all natural sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and follow sun safety practices. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours and after water activities or excessive sweating. For damaged skin, apply aloe vera or natural body balm. Nine Naturals Body Balm is made with Mongongo Oil, which has traditionally been used to protect against the harsh desert climates.

    Summer Beauty Problem: Chlorine Dry Hair

    To bring back shine, use an all-natural deep conditioner, such as Nine Naturals Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner or coconut oil to tame tresses. Rinse out with cool water to avoid further heat damage. Try leaving either in overnight for extra lustrous hair!

    Summer Beauty Problem: Sweat

    To keep cool and prevent sweat, wear loose clothing in airy fabrics. Don’t be afraid to sweat though, as it allows your body to naturally release toxins, but combat body odor by using a pregnancy safe deodorant, like Nine Natural’s.

    Summer Beauty Problem: Dry, Itchy Skin

    Skin can get very dry in the summer heat, especially during pregnancy. Today, 80% of lotions sold in the U.S. contain alcohol–not what sensitive, itchy skin needs. Try our Moisturizing Body Cream and Regenerative Belly Butter for itchy bellies and our Natural Belly Oil made with coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and tamanu seed oil to stay hydrated long after a shower. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

    Summer Beauty Problem: Breakouts

    Excess hormones from pregnancy and extra sweat from hot summer months can lead to the perfect acne-causing combination. To manage acne naturally, wash face twice daily with a gentle, all-natural facial cleanser. Use natural skincare products and makeup that is free of harsh chemicals such as dimethicone and fragrance, which can clog pores or cause irritation. Change your pillowcase often to prevent bacteria buildup on the fabric of your pillowcase.

    Let these beauty fixes enhance your summer with healthy lustrous hair and radiant glowing skin. Now you can be free of the usual summer stresses and the ever-lurking chemicals that can keep you from achieving your summer beauty and wellness goals.


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  • Nine Naturals Style Guide: Fourth of July Maternity Fashion

    We know dressing for a hot summer day isn’t easy, especially while pregnant and being out and about during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. Fourth of July fashion is all about showing off your patriotic pride and dressing up in red, white and blue. Even though you have a limited color pallet to work with, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re attending a BBQ, headed to the beach, or enjoying brunch with friends and family, we have just the right looks to keep you cool, comfortable and stylish.

    BBQ Ready: Headed to a summer BBQ this Fourth of July? Time to pull out our favorite summer staple – the maxi dress. This blue and white striped maxi is Fourth of July perfect, especially when paired with a vibrant statement necklace. Grab a jean jacket in case it gets chilly and dress it up with a pair of wedges to give you added height.  Complete the outfit with festive red nails for a subtle nod to the red, white and blue.

    Spaghetti Strap Empire Waist Maternity Maxi (Jessica Simpson), Vintage denim jacket (J. Crew), Pledge Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandals (Jimmy Choo), Give It A Swirl Triple Strand Necklace (Kate Spade), American Beauty 5 Free Nail Polish (Priti NYC)

    Beachy Style: Just because you have a growing bump doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt it at the beach this summer! Show off your bump with a solid blue one-piece bathing suit that features ruffles along the neckline for a touch of added flair. Go bare or cover it up with a simple white tunic. A classic wide-brimmed straw hat and your favorite pair of shades will protect your face from the beaming sun. Don’t forget to throw in Mott 50’s sun protective scarf and Nine Naturals Natural SPF Sunscreen 32 in your nautical beach tote!

    Pleated Maternity Swim Cover-up (A Pea in the Pod), Dot Bow Straw Hat (Ann Taylor), Ruffled Maternity One Piece Swimsuit (A Pea in the Pod), Classic Square Sunglasses (Ralph Lauren), Nautical Striped Tote (Daily Look), Sun Protective Shawl for Birchbox (Mott 50), Patent Thora 2 Sandal (Tory Burch)

    Daytime Brunch: Fourth of July weekend is a time for family and friends, but don’t forget about the food! If you’re heading into town for a delicious meal, think casual yet sophisticated. Throw on a comfortable pair of white maternity jeans to show off that summer style, topped off with a loose fitting patriotic red blouse and a navy blazer for a classy, yet chic touch. Finish the outfit with a leather sandal so you’re ready to walk around town for a little shopping after brunch!

    Maternity Skinny Jeans in White (LOFT), Blue Depths ‘Abree’ Open Front Blazer (BCBG), Convertible Sleeve Button Front Blouse (MISOKA), Donddi Sandal (Steve Madden), Jeweled Quill Earrings (J. Crew), Lydia Tote (Tory Burch)

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