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  • Smile For The Camera Mama – Maternity Photoshoot Tips From Nine Naturals & Photofaire

    If you’re expecting, the thought of a stranger documenting your growing body may be nerve-wracking. However, with the right maternity photographer, you can comfortably capture the beautiful bond between a mother and her child even before your baby arrives, in ways you never could have imagined. To bring your fantasy photoshoot to life and get the best bang for your buck, try these top maternity photoshoot tips from our friends at Photofaire:


    1. Given the inherent intimacy of the occasion, choose a photographer who is not only skilled artistically, but also someone who you feel completely comfortable with. This is especially important if you plan to bare your growing belly. Ask friends and family for photographer recommendations or connect with a local photographer on Photofaire. Go through photographers’ portfolios and keep an eye on artistic direction, posing, set design, and more. It’s all about you, so don’t be afraid to have your own vision.
    2. Schedule a short phone conversation with each potential photographer to get a better sense of his/her style and personality and don’t be afraid to ask any question regarding the shoot, including what the total investment will look like. For example, does the amount include photo session, makeup, retouching, digital photo files, and more? Walking in and out of the shoot with total confidence in what to expect will help relieve butterflies–channel that inner Chrissy Teigen, mama!


    1. To capture belly at its roundest before it gets difficult to move around, schedule your session at the 30-week mark. This is important because the photoshoot typically last 1-2 hours and you don’t want to be (or appear) fatigued.
    2. Try to wear something snug and stretchy to accentuate your beautiful curves and stick to solid or simple. This will keep the focus on your belly and give the shoot a timeless feel. If you plan on baring belly, apply lotion at least an hour prior to the shoot. This will give it a soft glow. But be wary of wearing anything too tight, as it could leave behind marks on the skin.

    In the end it is all about you and how the experience makes you feel, but don’t forget about your partner (or other children). They are part of the welcome crew after all. Involve them as much as you can–it can make the experience that much more special. And don’t forget to tag us using #NineNaturals! We can’t wait to see that beautiful bump!


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  • Get Inspired: Gender Reveal Ideas

    Announcing your pregnancy garnered well wishes and many congratulatory statements, but lately you’ve been bombarded with questions about your baby’s gender. If you and your partner have decided to learn whether or not baby is a boy or girl, here are three creative ways to make the big reveal!

    Drawing a Conclusion

    Forget the typical gender reveal party tactics—like cutting a cake to find either pink or blue frosting, opening a box filled with color-appropriate balloons, or releasing colored paper and tinsel from confetti pops—and instead opt for an interactive announcement. At your anatomy scan, ask the ultrasound technician to write your baby’s sex on a slip of paper and put it into a sealed envelope. Give that envelope to a family member or friend whom you can trust with the secret, and then ask him or her to create a Pictionary-themed reveal game for your upcoming (and surely planned down to the last detail) gender reveal party.

    Your loved one should craft a version of the game where he or she is the artist and the party guests are split into two teams—boys and girls. The teams will take turns guessing clues that the secret keeper wrote—borrowing inspiration from popular movies, songs, books, and television shows—where the ultimate goal is to piece together each correct clue into a phrase that will reveal your baby’s sex. Provide the following clues to your artist as reference, but make sure that he or she doesn’t re-use these exact clues: “Baby Mama”, “Big Daddy”, “Bee (Movie)”, “Thriller”, “Fore”, and “Girl” (or “Boy). The parent-to-be from the team that shouts out the correct final clue earns the right to read the completed puzzle (and thus reveal the secret) to the party attendees.

    Picture Perfect

    Capture on film the moment in which you learn your baby’s sex, by giving the sealed envelope from your anatomy scan to a chosen photographer and asking him or her to help you create a unique reveal picture. Set against the backdrop of your choosing, position yourself and your partner on opposing sides of a classic Tug O’ War rope, and then gently begin tugging the rope from side to side, as the photographer clicks away. Mid-picture, the camera artiste will then inform the spouse standing on the side that corresponds to baby’s sex (Mommy if baby is a girl, and Daddy if baby is a boy) to give in to the other partner, so that the image shows the valiant “winner” tugging his or her opponent over the middle line (denoted by a white ribbon tied smack dab in the middle of the rope).

    Exploding Excitement

    Go grand with your announcement by hosting a New Year’s Eve gender reveal party. At your anatomy scan, ask the ultrasound technician to write your baby’s sex on a slip of paper and put it into a sealed envelope. Give that envelope to a close friend or relative and ask them to purchase enough sparklers so that each guest has one in the color that corresponds to baby’s sex (pink for girl, blue for boy). At one minute until midnight, retreat inside with your partner and shield your eyes, so that your guests can prepare to light up their sparklers during the 10-second countdown to midnight. When the New Year dawns, re-appear with your partner (post-kiss, of course) and see the magical color dancing in the night sky to learn whether your baby-to-be is a boy or a girl. Make sure to designate one party attendee to take pictures for posterity (and to share on Pinterest)!
    No matter how you decide to share your exciting news, make sure to enjoy the moment and share it with us on Instagram and Facebook and see your announcement on Nine Naturals! Simply tag us and use hashtag #NineNaturals.


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  • Our Newest Product: Nine Naturals CEO & Founder Is Pregnant!

    Launching new products is like birthing babies to us at Nine Naturals. But we get especially excited when an actual baby joins our team. Our founder Grace is pregnant! And we’re thrilled to meet the new baby in June! Grace is excited to share her pregnancy journey with the Nine Naturals community – follow Nine Naturals on Facebook and Instagram for her updates!


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