• A Postpartum Stroller Workout You Can Stick To

    This 6-week plan will help you get back into shape.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    We know how hard it is to get back into your fitness routine after baby. You’re tired, you’re distracted and you’re always with that little bundle of joy…which makes it pretty hard to hit the gym.

    Our first workout addresses general postpartum fitness, to help you gain strength and flexibility, and repair the body from pregnancy and birth. You can do this workout as soon as you’re cleared for fitness by your doctor (usually 6 weeks postpartum). Below, new mom Lauren Lorow, marketing manager at Sweaty Betty, shows you how it’s done!

    Postpartum Stroller Workout
    Workout Goals: To attack some of the weaknesses that pregnancy left behind and find out whether you suffer from issues such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction (most of us do!). To prevent long-lasting problems from bad posture (caused from breastfeeding and carrying the baby on one side), address a shift in your center of gravity, increase your flexibility.


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  • How To Dress for Pumping at Work

    6 tips to make your pumping breaks at the office a whole lot easier.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Breastfeed. Be all hands on deck at home. Cook. Clean. Get back in shape. Eat healthy. Make time for your partner, your friends and your family. Crush it at work… while pumping… while looking stylish and feeling like yourself! The expectations on mamas these days are all-consuming and overwhelming, and finding your personal style that is both office and pumping friendly can be especially challenging.

    Luckily, maternity and breastfeeding clothing has been on the rise and, to this day, continues to gain momentum. And thanks to big retailers and smaller brands alike, the modern mama can now create a professional wardrobe that looks and feels good and that allows her to step out of meetings to pump that liquid gold out with ease (and without having to strip down to her underwear). 

    Want to make your office attire pumping friendly? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when putting your work outfit together.

    1. Get a few nursing or pumping friendly clothes. While you don’t have to heavily invest in items with limited wearability, I think purchasing a handful of versatile pumping-friendly pieces will take any pumping working mama far (and ensure a return on the investment). Items such as the Elif dress from Mitera, the Layla dress from Loyal Hana or the Chloe dress from Teat & Cosset. While your breastfeeding days may have a shelf life, these beautiful items...


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  • Why I Formula-Feed

    Ali Hynek of Nena & Co. opens up about her baby feeding journey.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Navigating your way through your feeding journey as a new parent can feel overwhelming. Breastfeeding, formula-feeding, or combo-feeding — no matter which you decide is right for you and your family, there’s always someone else doing it differently. Which, on the hardest days, can make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong.

    But you’re not. We know you’re doing the best you can, and we think you’re doing great. You’re doing it your way, and we’re proud of you for that. In case you need a little more inspiration and motivation though, we’re launching a new series to show off the very diverse feeding journeys of some very diverse parents. And whether they breastfeed, formula-feed or combo-feed, they’re doing it with positivity. We hope you are too.

    First up, meet Ali Hynek, founder of the ethically made handbag company Nena & Co. and new mama of triplets. Below, Ali shares her own feeding journey, and why formula-feeding helps empower her to be a more confident mother.

    “Having three babies at once really changes a lot of expectations. Whenever I thought of having children, I always assumed I would breastfeed. When I found out I was having triplets, I still felt like I would at least try my best to breastfeed to a certain extent. It was a hot topic for me and my doctor. He was very supportive no matter what I decided to do, but he really tried to stress to me that should I decide to formula-feed, my babies would be just as smart, loved and happy as a breastfed baby. So, my conclusion was..."


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  • Breastfeeding Sweaters You’ll Need This Winter

    You can stay warm while nursing your baby on the go.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Time to layer up, mama! Winter is finally here, which means sweaters and turtlenecks are in order — and that also applies to all the nursing mamas out there.

    How can this be, you wonder? After all, nursing on the go means that you need easy access to the boob, which seems pretty incompatible with big, wintery tops. Well, that’s no longer the case. Many brands have designed sweaters with the nursing mom in mind. Perfect for colder temps, these tops have strategically placed openings for your little one to easily get a little nip while you can warm and cozy.

    Without further ado, here are 7 nursing sweaters you should snag right now before they fly off the shelves

    1. Teat & Cosset. Italian-made, luxurious and classic pieces that will stand the test of time beyond breastfeeding, Teat & Cosset is a brand to keep on your radar — it. We are loving the Katelyn Maternity and Nursing Sweater to keep you warm (and stylish!) during these colder months.

    2. Loyal Hana. You’ll want to buy the entire collection for all your maternity and nursing needs because Loyal Hana hits fashion, function and comfort out of the park. We love the Wiley Sweater for wearing in both your personal and professional life.

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  • 10 Ways To Find Humor Postpartum

    Because infant poop and the pads you wear after birth are funny.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Making a human is serious business, and now that they are safely out of womb, it’s time to laugh again! Seriously. This baby-birthing stuff is hard and overwhelming and forever life-altering. Don’t lose your sense of humor now! You’re gonna need it. That, and wine. So much wine.

    Here are 10 things that we all should laugh about once baby is born.

    1. The pads they send you home with are thick as hoagie rolls. It’s like riding a giant cheesesteak. Or a horse. Saddle up and laugh!

    2. Your post-baby stomach feels like dough. Go ahead and poke your belly button and exclaim “hehe!” like that adorable little dude made of the stuff. It’s pretty fun!

    3. The baby doesn’t sleep, so you don’t sleep. Use that new-parent fog for a good time! You’re so exhausted that your partner’s jokes are funnier...


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  • The Perfect Postpartum Spa Day at Home

    10 steps to enhance your beauty and replenish from the inside out after baby is born.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    “Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body”. –Golda Poretsky

    Did you know that pampering yourself is the best way to recharge from nurturing others? The best part is, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or hours of time away from your bundle of joy to do so. Your home is your sanctuary — the sacred place where you unwind and let go of the stressors of the outside world. With minimal effort, some of nature’s best ingredients and a vivid imagination, you can create the perfect spa day at home.

    Step 1: A hot cup of hot lemon water. Tension, stress and fatigue are your body’s way of letting you know it needs mental and physical rest. It’s good to first cleanse the body while prepping to relax and release. Beginning your pampering session by drinking a cup of hot lemon water or decaffeinated tea will give your insides a good ole’ fashioned rinsing.

    Step 2: Set the mood. Set out a robe and turn on some music that sets a serene atmosphere.


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