• Top 5 Instagram Dads To Follow This Father's Day

    Father’s day is just around the corner, so here we are bringing you our list of top 5 Dads to follow on Instagram!

    Josh (@tiesandfries)

    Josh, father of three and husband of beloved instamom @taza, will inspire you to pick up your family and travel the world. His feed is constantly updated with high-quality, breathtaking photos of the couple with their children in their hometown of New York City and around the world. We particularly loved vicariously enjoying the Washington DC cherry blossoms with the fam.


    Cody Andrew (@codywestonandrew)

    Don’t ever let your hubby catch you scrolling through instadad Cody Andrew’s feed! Conquering the world with his three kids Beckam, Mara, and Wes, Cody makes parenting look fun and easy. His spontaneous life with an must-have style are GQ-worthy. We are so jealous of fellow insta-famous mom, Christine Andrew @hellofashionblog.


    Mike Quinones (@lifewithmicah)

    When dad Mike Quinones and wife Amanda Booth discovered that Micah had Down Syndrome, they hoped to inspire others with Micah’s story. "With social media you can connect with people and actually see what these babies are capable of doing. It made everything seem really light instead of really heavy." Today, it has become a platform to educate other families on what life  is like with the condition. How can you not fall in love with those beautiful blue eyes?


    Matthew Novak (@mattjnovak)

    Along with his daughter Lola and his wife Zoe, North Face ambassador Matthew pushes us to travel the unknown. We love following the family’s rustic adventures. Get lost in the photo gallery of this insta-explorator-dad while rediscovering the beauty of nature, particularly the woods.


    Aubrey McCoy (@aubreymccoy)

    Husband to 1 and father extraordinaire of four, Audrey McCoy is guaranteed to light up your instagram feed. Whether he is having a cozy morning at home or going to the park with the family, this instadad makes day to day activities look like a shoot straight out of Vogue. We love his simple yet beautiful shots of kids + Bijou the cat!


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  • Smile For The Camera, Baby – Newborn Photoshoot Tips From Nine Naturals & Photofaire

    Peaceful, sleepy grins. Gently closed hands. Pale, pinky feet. Who doesn’t love a good newborn pic…or two, or three… As new parents, you may be interested in documenting this precious and fleeting moment professionally. Whether they’re for new-grandparents, posting on social media, or your new phone background, follow these top tips from Photofaire on how to get the most out of your newborn photoshoot:

    Timing is everything. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks of birth. At this stage, babies are sleeping most of the time, making their sweet moments easier to capture. These serene moments won’t last forever so make sure you have some photos to help cherish it forever!

    Don’t procrastinate. It’s safe to assume you (and your family) will be pretty overwhelmed once the baby arrives. For help on finding a photographer, refer to Photofaire, which connects anyone with a story to share to a trusted professional near them. Spend adequate time finding the right photographer beforehand, making sure his/her style and personality match with what you’re looking for in the photos and in the experience. Be sure to understand how much the total investment will be, what you will need to bring to the shoot, and what you will be walking away with, to ensure the smoothest shoot possible.

    Home is Where the Heart Is. Even if your photographer has a studio, consider having the session done in your home. Being in a familiar surrounding will put both you and baby at ease and ensure that whatever you need to feed, change and calm your baby is within an arm’s reach. Taking the photos in your cozy abode can also give the photos a more intimate look and feel. Depending on what you’re going for this may be a good style choice.

    You Can Never Go Wrong With Neutrals. To keep the focus on the baby. Dressing him/her in solid or simple patterned apparel–classic and timeless. There’s a reason why the majority of newborn photo shoots show baby in light, simple clothes, but if you really want to reenact Star Wars or capture the final battle in Harry Potter, don’t forget it is your shoot! That said, never worry about running out of opportunities to have fun with family photos–Halloween comes every year!

    Just like any photoshoot, the experience should be something both to look forward to and fondly look back on. Who doesn’t love a good newborn pic? Be sure to share yours with us using #NineNaturals and keep ‘em coming.


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  • Smile For The Camera Mama – Maternity Photoshoot Tips From Nine Naturals & Photofaire

    If you’re expecting, the thought of a stranger documenting your growing body may be nerve-wracking. However, with the right maternity photographer, you can comfortably capture the beautiful bond between a mother and her child even before your baby arrives, in ways you never could have imagined. To bring your fantasy photoshoot to life and get the best bang for your buck, try these top maternity photoshoot tips from our friends at Photofaire:


    1. Given the inherent intimacy of the occasion, choose a photographer who is not only skilled artistically, but also someone who you feel completely comfortable with. This is especially important if you plan to bare your growing belly. Ask friends and family for photographer recommendations or connect with a local photographer on Photofaire. Go through photographers’ portfolios and keep an eye on artistic direction, posing, set design, and more. It’s all about you, so don’t be afraid to have your own vision.
    2. Schedule a short phone conversation with each potential photographer to get a better sense of his/her style and personality and don’t be afraid to ask any question regarding the shoot, including what the total investment will look like. For example, does the amount include photo session, makeup, retouching, digital photo files, and more? Walking in and out of the shoot with total confidence in what to expect will help relieve butterflies–channel that inner Chrissy Teigen, mama!


    1. To capture belly at its roundest before it gets difficult to move around, schedule your session at the 30-week mark. This is important because the photoshoot typically last 1-2 hours and you don’t want to be (or appear) fatigued.
    2. Try to wear something snug and stretchy to accentuate your beautiful curves and stick to solid or simple. This will keep the focus on your belly and give the shoot a timeless feel. If you plan on baring belly, apply lotion at least an hour prior to the shoot. This will give it a soft glow. But be wary of wearing anything too tight, as it could leave behind marks on the skin.

    In the end it is all about you and how the experience makes you feel, but don’t forget about your partner (or other children). They are part of the welcome crew after all. Involve them as much as you can–it can make the experience that much more special. And don’t forget to tag us using #NineNaturals! We can’t wait to see that beautiful bump!


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  • Photo Keepsake Gifts for Parents

    5 ways to make keepsakes out of your favorite pictures of your kids.

    Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Like most parents, I love taking pictures of my daughter and capturing the special moments in our lives. Over the course of the last three years, I’ve taken thousands of photos that have been unceremoniously thrown into a neatly organized cloud – sound familiar? Finding the time and energy to bring the photos to life in a creative way is definitely where I fall short, but thankfully there are so many options available for busy (and tired) parents.

    With the holiday gift-giving season in mind, we’ve compiled a list of awesome options for capturing and displaying timeless memories in the form of photo books, digital time-lapse videos, wooden calendars and more! Here’s 5 ways to make keepsakes out of your favorite pictures of your little ones.

    1. Tweed Wolf Photo Book
      Tweed Wolf is a fully customizable “Do-It-For-You” photo album service. The album-creating process begins by using Tweed Wolf’s photo uploader (or mail in a flash drive) and then a team of experts steps in to “cull, curate, edit, design and produce” a gorgeous hardcover photo album. Tweed Wolf offers a one-of-a-kind keepsake and the opportunity for parents to cross an item off the to-do list without spending a lot of their own time (signature package retails for $270).

    1. Artifact Uprising Custom Wood Calendar
      If you’re looking for a unique photo gift, look no further than Artifact Uprising’s customizable Wood Calendar. The 12-month photo calendar can be created directly from AU’s app and is placed on a 5 x 7 wooden clipboard with a magnet for easy hanging. The refreshingly simple, yet cool design is not only functional, but a beautiful piece of art to look at each day (retails for $29.99).
    1. Jessa Flynn Productions
      What could be more timeless than a maternity, newborn or family video shoot? Jessa Flynn Productions creates stunning 1-5 minute videos to capture the unforgettable moments in your life. The final videos include color correction and are professionally edited with music. The video packages include two HD DVDs and an Instagram ready version to share seamlessly with family and friends (packages start at $500).
    1. BlinkBuggy
      BlinkBuggy is a service for parents who want to digitally “capture, store, access, and share family memories.” BlinkBuggy’s latest TimeLapse feature allows you to upload weekly videos of your baby and turn them into a short video at the 1-year mark – the service will even remind you to take the videos! The BlinkBuggy family just launched a new photo-sharing app called BlinkPix that prints and ships 5 photos a month to two households of your choosing (BlinkBuggy subscription plans range from $0-$5.99 per month and a BlinkPix subscription is $9.99 per month).

    1. Parabo Press: Accordion Zine Photo Magazine
      Parabo Press, a new app from the team at Photojojo, allows you to create unique and effortlessly cool photo prints straight from a smartphone. One of our favorite products is the playful and gorgeous Accordion Zine photo magazine that features 14 photos of your choice and a marble, gold-foiled-printed cover. The accordion design is great for displaying photos for any type of festivity, including birthday parties and baby showers.

    This article is by Anna Julien, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.


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    • 6 Instagram Moms To Follow This Fall

      Jessica (@dearestdaughters)


      Mother of three, Jessica, makes taking flawless photos of her little ones look too easy. Whether it be completing afterschool homework or swinging on a tire, her daughters’ most precious moments spent laughing, playing, and loving each other–with occasional appearances from Dad and Fall foliage–will definitely inspire you to whip out that camera this season.

      Bri (@burtsbrisplease)


      Minneapolis mama, Bri, has serious serious Instagram game. We love following the beautiful relationship between blue-eyed son Leo and cat Toby, which even has its own hashtag–#talesofleoandtoby. Her vibrant photos beautifully capture fall’s colors and flavors. If you’re looking to add an air of mischief and “aww” to your daily feed you can’t go without following this account!

      Casey Weigand (@caseyleighwiegand)


      We love Casey Weigand’s beautiful moments between her and her three children children. Her cozy, rustic-inspired, Dallas home is the backdrop of most of her photos, which often feature seasonal foods, Fall flowers, and candid sleeping shots of her kids.

      Mary Lauren (@marylauren)


      After just giving birth to newborn son Ezra, Mary Lauren fills her page with photos of her two beautiful boys, their cozy home by the ocean, and seasonal eats. This mama inspires us in too many ways to count. For bump-style inspiration, wanderlust cravings, and a positive addition to your feed, check out her Instagram page and blog.

      Sharstin Miller (@sharstinm)


      When it comes to a combination of mommy and kid style, Sharstin Miller’s account is a hard to beat. With four beautiful kids, she still somehow has time to capture life, and especially this season’s, finest simple moments. From family trips to day-to-day outdoor play, you will be glad her updates grace your feed every now and then.

      Naomi Davis (@taza)


      Close to our heart and home is Naomi, who shares her and her family’s beautiful urban adventures here in NYC. This season, her profile inspires us all to get out of our apartments and see the beautiful foliage the city–and its suburban attractions–has to offer. Let her gorgeous shots and three adorable little ones light up your Instagram feed.


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      • 9 Tips for Photographing Your Bump during Pregnancy

        We’ve received so many beautiful bump pictures as part of our #NNStories Pregnancy Announcement campaign that we started thinking about importance of maternity photography. Photographing your baby bump is a fun and special part of pregnancy – whether you use the pictures to announce your pregnancy, to display them in your baby shower invite, or to have a beautiful memento from a very special 9 months of your life. But let’s be honest – despite the maternity photos of famous actors and models like Demi Moore and Giselle Bundchen might suggest – capturing the natural beauty of pregnancy and bump isn’t always easy, so here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect baby bump picture!

        1) Make yourself comfortable: It’s so important to capture this special time in your life in a natural and comfortable way. Feel free to have other family members join in the shoot and wear something that you makes you feel beautiful.

        2) Pick your most photogenic month: Maternity photographers often recommend scheduling a baby bump shoot around 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. This is when your belly is prominently showing (no longer to be mistaken as a beer gut!) and before you’ve become overly uncomfortable, which can often happen towards the latter stages of the pregnancy.

        3) Don’t be afraid to use your hands: Touching or holding your bump with you or your husband’s hands helps accent the bump and create an intimate connection with your baby.

        4) Take advantage of natural lighting: Plan your photos around taking advantage of natural light. As opposed to artificial lighting and a flash, natural light can help to accent the natural shadows and highlights of your more curvaceous body.

        5) Show it off: Try and wear something form-fitting and revealing if you aren’t planning on showing any skin. This will help accentuate the bump and show off your curves in the best way possible

        6) Experiment with angles: The typical side torso shot is great, but feel free to get creative! Try other views of your bump, such as a 3/4 angle or shooting from the front down. Try shots standing up and sitting down as well.

        7) Pamper yourself with hairstyling and makeup: Your hair and makeup are great ways to accent your look. Take advantage of this fun event to pamper yourself by hiring someone to do your hair and makeup for the day of.

        8) Keep the spotlight on you: Posing in front of a solid wall or clean backdrop. Avoid any background clutter that might detract from keeping the spotlight on you!

        9) And most importantly…have fun!: Get creative with your shoot and use experiences from your pregnancy to inspire you. The key is to enjoy the experience while tastefully capturing a memorable moment.​

        Happy photo session and don’t forget to submit your bump/pregnancy announcement to Nine Naturals for our pregnancy announcement series #NNStories! Follow us on Facebook to see how others announced their pregnancies!

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