• High-Design Nursery Style

    5 nurseries you should get Pinning now.

    Article courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    One of the best parts of baby prep is designing your dream nursery. Yes, that nine months is crucial to getting life in order before your little one arrives, but it’s also crucial to scouring your feeds for inspo, shopping till you drop, and rearranging that furniture justonemoretime till you’ve created a room that will make you swoon during every change, cuddle and late-night feed with your baby.

    To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up some of our very favorite nurseries from some of our very favorite mamas, filled with high-design from corner to corner...

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  • Feng Shui In Your Nursery

    7 ways to create a soothing environment for baby.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    It is our job as parents to provide baby with a soothing environment, and we can easily achieve creating a serene space by utilizing Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy and art of understanding and harmonizing the energy surrounding us. The term literally means “wind-water” and aims to invite positive energy into a space, allowing it to organically flow. This is so important in the nursery because the energy your baby is surrounded by effects their mental, physical and social development .

    One way to achieve this is by incorporating the nursery with a balance of the five Feng Shui elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The incorporation of these elements can be done with clutter clearing, colors, furniture placement, fresh air, soothing lighting, pleasing scents, and the introduction of auspicious objects. Of course, the most important consideration in creating a positive, peaceful nursery is filling it with your presence and love.

    Here are 7 ways you can incorporate Feng Shui into baby’s living space.

    1. Clutter-Clear. Clutter sucks our energy. If you don’t love it, or use it regularly- release it. We want all your belongings to make you feel good. Find a home for everything- this prevents the “random stuff” pile that stagnates energy. Do a “stuff sweep” at the end of every day. Turn on some music and return all belongings to their home. You’ll sleep better and wake up energized for the day ahead.
    2. Carefully Choose Color Scheme. Skin tones are peaceful and provide a clean canvas for fun pops of color. If neutrals are too boring for you, select a soft tone of your favorite color. The most important consideration is that the colors in the space make you feel good.

    Here’s a colorful breakdown:

    • Soft yellows promote cheerfulness and a sense of connectedness.
    • Light greens and blues represent nature and growth. Green inspires mental development while blue inspires calm. The two colors are beneficial to the child’s development throughout all stages of growth.
    • Pink hues encourage curiosity and creativity.
    • Red is very stimulating. Only bring it out during play-time.
    1. Consider Furniture Placement. Wood is the best material for nursery furniture as it is the symbol of life and growth. It is also very grounding. Aim to avoid placing the crib flush against a wall (unless the wall is directly behind baby’s head) so the energy can circulate around baby. This also helps to prevent baby from accessing cords from blinds, or other hazards. Finally, have minimal furniture in the room to promote spaciousness and exploration.
    2. Promote Good Air Quality. Fresh air is ideal. When the weather is nice, open the windows. If baby is mobile, place a guard in the window to prevent falls. Tabletop rock fountains (placed out of baby’s reach) can humidify and cleanse the air. Opt for a small palm—they are great air purifying houseplants.
    3. Happy Lighting. Natural lighting is optimal. In the evening, it is best to have three sources of lighting at three different levels. For example, two small table top lamps and a secure floor lamp. When it’s bedtime, turn on a gentle night-light. (Pink Himalayan Salt Crystal lamps provide a nice glow and calming energy.) Steer clear of overhead and fluorescent lighting.
    4. Utilize Essential Oils. Place an essential oil diffuser in the nursery with a mixture of lavender and chamomile essential oils when it’s bed-time (3 to 6 drops of each). Use peppermint, or another stimulating scent of choice, when it’s playtime. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil with carrier oil like Jojoba or coconut oil and massage it on the soles of baby’s feet. A few drops of orange essential oil will quell unpleasant odors coming from a diaper pail.
    5. Incorporate Mirrors, Chimes, and Crystals. These three items promote a positive free flowing energy:
    • Mirrors enhance natural light and baby’s social development. If it’s going to be on baby’s level make sure it is baby-safe.
    • Windchimes hung near a window stimulate the positive energies in the nursery, along with baby’s curiosity.
    • Hanging a small light refracting crystal in a window invites magic, kindness, and warmth into the nursery.

    This article is by Bailey Gaddis, courtesy of Well Rounded NY. Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.

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  • Top 5 Instagrams For #NurseryInspo

    Here are Nine Naturals’ top five fetching nurseries, bringing next-level nesting inspiration to your Instagram feed. Tag #NineNaturals to feature your creative nursery decor!

    WHIMSICAL (@luxebabylove)

    Frankie Kate is a professional designer who put her talents where her heart is in creating a dreamy, whimsical nursery for her baby daughter, Marlowe. Lush textures and sweet, unexpected details come to life against a backdrop of soft neutrals, natural elements and just the right amount of white: it’s nursery love at first sight! 

    BOHO-CHIC (@_dimity_)

    Baby Zaeli is the star of her stylish mama’s feed, but the oh-so-sweet, boho-chic nursery–of which we get gorgeous glimpses now and again–is well worth the follow. A little vintage here, a touch of macrame there, without any overwhelm; balance is key in bohemian baby decor and this nursery just nailed it. 

    MODERN (@designbydad)

    Baby design from a dad’s perspective! Make that two dads, and one amazing nursery with a streamlined, modern style, a specific, mostly black-and-white palette and lots of fun surprises. This look is cute enough for kids but cool enough for the grown-ups who live with them. (Plus, you can’t beat those NYC skyline views.)

    WARM GRAY (@emsloo)

    Who knew gray could be so warm? This cozy, hip and luxe little nursery is laid back and yet, clearly, carefully curated with lots of love. Mom Emily is to credit for this gem. Take a peek, and be inspired.

    MINIMALIST (@projectweekley)

    This modern, minimalist nursery is brimming with awesome. Check out the changing table and *be amazed.* It was built DIY-style by daddy Adam Weekley for his baby girl. We’re just a little jealous! 


    6 Instagram Mom To Follow This Fall
    Nursery Design: Mix It Up
    Creating A Green Nursery…A Healthy Space For Your Newborn!
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    • Baby Essentials: Bassinets

      6 cool and comfy options to get baby (and you) through those first few months.

      Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

      While most of us spend an endless amount of time searching for the perfect crib to anchor our nurseries, the reality is that your crib will probably just sit there collecting dust for those first few months. The adjustment period with a newborn is hard enough without having to go in and out rooms all night long. You’ll likely want your new bundle of a joy in a cozier sleep oasis right next to your bed. So before you look up one more crib, prioritize what comes first and choose the right bassinet for you. After all, it is going to be part of your room decor for a few months.

      Here are 6 of our favorites.

      1. Arm’s Reach Ideal Co-Sleeper
      The perfect option for the family who plans to co-sleep. $224.99

      2. BabyBjorn Cradle
      A breathable cradle that has the ability to gently rock your little one to sleep. $295.79

      3. Babyhome
      If you want to welcome baby into pure luxury, this one’s for you. $1,200
      (Non-leather version available for $249)

      4. Nesta’s Nest
      Made of 100% wool and eco-certified wood, this is a unique bassinet for the sustainable baby. $768

      5. Nuna Sena Mini Travel Cot
      This comfy travel cot folds up with just one hand and even transitions from a bassinet into a playard. $180

      6. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper
      The only Bassinet to swivel 360 degrees for easier accessibility to your little. $250

      This article is by Kaity Velez, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.


      How To: Teach Your Baby the Difference Between Night and Day
      Toddler Tuesday: Cribs to Bed
      How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

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    • Ten Green Resolutions for 2015!

      A new year has begun! We turn over a new leaf and welcome another opportunity to break old habits and make real improvements in our lives. Many of us spent 2014 contemplating the switch to a green lifestyle, but didn’t know the best way to start.

      Our list of 2015 green resolution tips will help you get started! Follow one, two, or all of our tips, and you’ll notice a great change in the New Year.

      1. Rely on Nine Naturals for a beautifully clean 2015! We are proud to carry all-natural, plant-based products that designed to help pregnant women feel beautiful without compromise. Every Nine Naturals product, from our rich Moisturizing Body Cream to our Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner, will spoil you and keep you, your baby and our environment safe. Check out our luxurious line today!
      2. Opt for chemical-free cleaning products. Did you know that using traditional cleaning chemicals can create indoor air that is two to three times more polluted than the air outside? In 2014, many organizations around the country, including the state of California, began pushing for regulation on chemicals in  common household products. Find a list of eco-friendly cleaning alternatives (some of them right in your kitchen cabinet) in our Greening Your “Clean” Routine article.
      3. Get in on the green nursery trend. In 2015, expect a boom in the number of new parents considering a green sanctuary for their newborn. But as our popular article makes clear, green nurseries are much more than a trend. From the mattress to the crib to the cleaning products to the air filter, they provide an excellent way to secure a baby’s health during her important formative years.
      4. Vow to steer clear of chemicals at the hair salon. Chemical-heavy treatments like hair dyeing and chemical straightening can expose you to damaging chemicals and even carcinogens. We’ve published several articles on great alternatives to these harsh treatments.
      5. Line-dry your laundry. Take advantage of sunny days to let the heat dry your clothes naturally, which can seriously save on both energy and money. Find more tips on greening your laundry with our blogpost here.
      6. Don’t let product labels intimidate you! At first glance, they’re just so darn difficult to read. But toxic chemicals are a reality in any number of commonly used household and cosmetic products and it’s crucial to arm yourself with the knowledge to avoid them. Trust us – you can become a fast expert on deciphering an ingredient list! Check out How to Read a Label to get you started!
      7. Eat organic whenever possible. This resolution can significantly reduce how much you expose your body to harmful chemicals and pesticides through what you eat. But you don’t always have to make the organic choice. The Dirty Dozen are the foods you should always eat organic (like apples and peaches), while the Clean Fifteen (eggplant, kiwi) are fine to eat conventionally. The Environmental Working Group provides a handy list for both.
      8. Ditch the plastic water bottles. This might be the hardest resolution to keep, since plastic bottles are so convenient and widespread. But these bottles often harbor harmful chemicals like bisphenol-A and phthalates and are an albatross on global environmental health.
      9. Instead, choose stainless steel and glass over plastic. These materials do not include the toxic chemicals that plastic containers can. Have no choice but to use plastic, though? Remember this rhyme for your safety: “4, 5, and 2 — all the rest are bad for you!”
      10. Increase your environmental shopping consciousness. Lastly, do what you can to augment your mindfulness of Mother Earth whenever you shop. Examples of how to do it: buy in bulk, and choose the farmer’s market over the grocery store. Bone up on the many ways you can be a greener shopper with the help of our Green Tip article.


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    • Nursery Design: Mix It Up

      This woodland themed nursery has the perfect high & low details to get your registry in check.

      Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

      We bet if we peeked inside your home, we’d find all sorts of great treasures from shops high and low, near and far. There’s probably a combination of investment pieces you shouldn’t have splurged on, budget items you scored at your fave discount chain, and one-of-a-kind-ers from that spot around the corner you hope nobody else ever discovers.

      It should be that way for your baby’s space too, no? We sure think so. As do our friends at BabyList. From national retailers to local independents, from traditional baby shops to Etsy crafters, BabyList helps you assemble a single baby registry to guide all the gift-givers in your life. And now that BabyList is offering a registry completion discount at some of the best baby shops in the land, there’s pretty much no reason to register anywhere else. Yup, dreams really do come true.

      Now it’s time for you to build the mix-and-match nursery of your (we mean “baby’s”) dreams. Check out our nursery inspiration from shops high and low, near and far, to get you in the registering mood.

      Then take BabyList’s Registry Checklist Quiz to make sure you’ve got everything your little one needs…not just the adorable items we included here. And voila! The hard work is done–make a registry, and BabyList will email you if any prices go up or down, and even if stuff goes out of stock.

      1. Ferm Living Wall Decal ($115): Who doesn’t love a great decal that can change the vibe of the room in a sticky little minute? Ferm Living is our go-to for wall design, and these birch trees are one of our favorite styles.

      2. Land of Nod Rocker ($599): Another major nursery necessity is a rocker, and we’re loving this mid-century version from The Land of Nod. Classic and modern all at the same time, this investment piece is going to look great in teh living room when baby’s all grown up.

      3. Kid O Owl Wobble ($7.99): It can be hard to pick through the glut of baby toys out there, but we know Kid O won’t steer us wrong. Even though baby may not be ready for it quite yet, this wobbling owl is a great way to start off his collection.

      4. Babyletto Crib Sheets ($19.00): Crib sheets are a great place to get creative with design–plus they’re easy to switch up when you want to try something new. We’re crushing on Babyletto‘s Tranquil Woods design at the moment, which is perfect for a gender neutral nursery.

      5. Serena & Lily Storage Crates ($88): Just because there’s toys inside doesn’t mean your storage bins have to scream baby. Try these cool white-washed Serena & Lily storage crates as a smart alternative to the cutesier versions.

      6. Ikea Cloud Lamp ($29.99): While you’re giving baby that diaper change, give her something pretty to look at. Bring a little whimsy–and a lot of light–into baby’s nursery with this sweet Ikea cloud pendant lamp.

      7. Decoylab Hedgehog Clock ($70): It’s never too early to start teaching baby to tell time. We love this adorable Decoylab wooden hedgehog clock and woodland-themed art to go alongside.

      8. Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer ($80): You’ll be doing plenty of diaper-changing in those first few weeks…and actually for months–we mean years–after that. We won’t say it ever becomes fun, but this Keekaroo Peanut diaper changer makes things a little bit easier–and cleaner.

      9. giggle Babycare Longwool Rug ($85): If you’re looking for something to throw over that rocker, we recommend this cozy Babycare longwool number from our friends at giggle. It’s soft and luxurious and–wait for it–machine-washable! Go a few sizes bigger and cozy up for playtime on the floor.

      10. Babyletto Crib Mattress ($269): Stretch those cute sheets over a non-toxic crib mattress, like Babyletto‘s brand new Coco Core collection. This set includes a single-sided coconut coir/latex Coco Core mattress and a waterproof dry cover.

      11. Hansa Stuffed Deer ($195): We’d be remiss if we didn’t have at least one dream item on our nursery wishlist, and this Hansa stuffed deer from ABC Carpet & Home fits the bill. It looks so real, you’ll literally stop in your tracks for a stare-down every time you enter the room.

      12. Oeuf Crib ($670): There’s no better centerpiece for baby’s nursery than a crib, and this Oeuf Rhea Crib is a real beauty. We love the walnut hue for our woodland theme.

      This article is by Jessica Pallay, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.


      6 Instagram Moms To Follow This Fall
      Organize Your Life Before Baby
      Creating A Green Nursery…A Healthy Space For Your Newborn!

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