• ToteSavvy: Nine Naturals Beauty Products Are Epic Mother’s Day Gifts

    ToteSavvy recently included Nine Naturals beauty products on their list of “Epic Mother’s Day Gifts”. They noted,

    “With all the new research surrounding harsh chemicals found in beauty products and the long term effect it has on own bodies, it’s hard not to be scared to reach for your daily body cream (or even deodorant!). When we learned of Nine Naturals we were incredibly excited and relieved. Nine Naturals beauty products are made from only natural ingredients (they even list every ingredient and what it is on their website!) that are good for your body and non-toxic.

    In addition to being 100% safe, these products smell delicious (yes!) and come in beautifully designed containers that make you feel like you’re using something straight out of a fancy spa. We particularly love their Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Safe Shampoo (Amen to pregnancy safe!) and Natural Unscented Pregnancy Safe Deodorant. There’s nothing better than feeling pampered and knowing your baby and body are safe.”

    Thanks ToteSavvy! Read more to find what else is on their list of epic Mother’s day gifts and head over to @totesavvy instagram to enter!


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    • Winter Glow: Top Relaxation Tips

      Outside the last amber colored leaves have fallen to the ground and the autumn rain has turned to snow, while inside the thermostat is slowly rising and the fireplace is ablaze – the winter season is upon us in all its frost-covered glory. Being pregnant during this joyous time of year can be magical (especially for those that get to share in your excitement), but it can also be stressful and exhausting. Here are Nine Naturals’ top tips to sneak must-needed relaxation into your day:

      1. Make a spa.

        Relaxing in a warm bath (versus a shower) is a common form of hydrotherapy (also known as water therapy) where heated water dilates blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow to aching muscles. Create a spa-like environment in your own bathroom by dimming the lights, turning on your favorite easy listening playlist, and soaking in a tub filled with warm water and a few drops of Nine Naturals Citrus + Geranium Soothing Pregnancy Body Wash. The lemon, lime and geranium essential oils will help harmonize emotions and hormones–DIY aromatherapy!

        1. Get comfy.

        Whether it be for leisure, work, play, or rest, you’ll want to feel comfortable and confident. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Some of favorite versatile piece for any occasion are the breathable Belly Bandit B.D.A. Leggings, which provide pelvic and back support by snuggly cradling your burgeoning belly; the chic, navy Au Lait Nursing Tank, which works both pre-and post-baby; and a cozy, neutral-colored duster cardigan, which compliments most looks!

        1. Take a Breather.

        Step away from your desk at lunchtime and step into the downward dog position by attending a prenatal yoga class, which can decrease pregnancy-related aches and pains, while also increasing flexibility and strength needed during childbirth. Ease into the poses, breathe deeply and allow your body to release tension with each asana change. Post-class, refresh your hair with a dusting of organic dry shampoo and refresh your body with a swipe (or two) of Nine Naturals Unscented Pregnancy Deodorant, which contains non-nano zinc oxide to naturally control odor-causing bacteria. Armpits need to breathe too!

        1. Let Loose.

        Getting together with friends during the winter months can prove challenging as weekends fill up quickly, so suggest meeting up with your closest girlfriends for a Sunday morning (herbal) tea party. Reserve a table in a nearby upscale hotel restaurant and instruct all attendees to don their finest garb. Wearing your favorite figure flattering dress–we love the Ingrid & Isabel Empire Shirred Dress (in pinot)– a sexy kitten heel, and a versatile scarf–try the Shopburu Minona Camera Scarf. Toast to your gal pals’ health, happiness, and success for the year to come.   

        Make rest and relaxation as much a priority as your work obligations, home to-do’s, and holiday errands this season, and for the remainder of your pregnancy.
        Win the ultimate winter glow relaxation pack including Nine Naturals, Belly Bandit, Au Lait, Ingrid + Isabel, and Shopburu here:


        WEEK 3 RELAX & GLOW



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        • 12 Days Of Giveaways!

          This year, the gifts are starting early! As we count down to the holidays, we’re hosting our biggest giveaway ever with a total of $2,650 in pregnancy safe prizes for mom & baby! Starting December 8th, 2014, check back daily for a chance to win a different prize (completely FREE) from one of these amazing brands: Nine Naturals (featuring your favorite all natural beauty products!), Beco, Belly Bandit, Rosie Pope, Babyganics, Guava Family, Sea-Band Mama, Kickee Pants, Credible Cravings, FitBump, Bundle Organics, and Au Lait. And don’t miss our grand prize sweepstake on 12/19 featuring a fabulous prize from all of the brands!


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        • Win Dapple Cleaning Products!

          We are teaming up with Dapple for a Facebook Giveaway of their green beauty products! Enter on Facebook!

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