• 5 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

    The joy you are feeling during pregnancy can easily be dampened by unwelcome and unkind comments. If you are an expectant mom and told that you look huge or will never sleep again, we’ve got response suggestions that will surely stop future comments!

    1) “You’re too young/too old to be having a baby!”

    The average age of conceiving a first child in the United States is 25.8, according to CDC statistics from 2013; however, many states have either higher or lower age averages than the national average. If you happen to be expecting and live in an area where the average age is higher, you’ll get comments that range from, “You’re a baby having a baby,” or “You’re missing out on life by having a baby so young.” Those thoughtless comments imply that because you are a certain age, you don’t know how to make sound, adult decisions regarding when to start a family.

    On the flip side, if you are above the average age of conception in your area, you’ll also be bombarded with criticism, such as, “Isn’t it dangerous at your age to have a baby?” or “Will you have enough energy to keep up with a baby at your age?” Being a good mother has nothing to do with your age, and concerns over you having a safe, successful pregnancy are between you, your partner, and your health care provider.

    Neither question warrants a response!

    2) “Was the baby planned?”

    In no way should you feel obligated to dignify that invasive question with a response, but if you choose to answer you could say, “My partner and I are so blessed to be welcoming a baby into our family.” It is no ones business whether or not your baby was planned, and you shouldn’t feel it necessary to justify your pregnancy to anyone.

    3) “Sleep now, ‘cause you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again!”

    Typically this comment comes from parents who’ve “been there and done that,” but it’s insensitive to mention this to a mom-to-be, especially a first time mom-to-be. Surely you are aware that newborns aren’t the best sleepers, but every baby is different and you’ll learn to find a sleep solution that works for you and your child, as you go along. There are wonderful resources to aid you in overcoming sleep issues, if you are to ever need them, but the amount of sleep that you will or will not get in two, four or even six months should not be of concern to you at this present time. Additionally, sleeping can be difficult during pregnancy, so it shows a lack of compassion to make that comment when you might be currently struggling to catch some Zzzzs. Respond by stating, “I’m trying to enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy before my beautiful baby arrives, instead of worrying about future what-ifs.”

    4) “Is it twins?”

    This seemingly innocent, but actually hurtful question implies that because your baby bump is so large you must be carrying more than one child. Comparing your size to another expectant mom’s size is foolish because each woman’s body type is different, but furthermore each woman’s pregnancy is different. People don’t stop to think about possible medical conditions, pregnancy complications, or even personal battles the mom-to-be may be suffering from before making such a weighted (no pun intended) comment. If you’re only carrying one child, a great response would be, “I’m blissfully pregnant with a healthy baby.”

    5) “How will you deliver?”

    There are numerous birthing options — drug-free birth, a water birth, a home birth, a medicated birth or even a C-section birth — but that decision is for you to make, after consulting with your health care provider to determine the safest and most practical option. Ultimately, there is no wrong way to deliver your child, but many expectant moms feel judged based on their decision. If you are questioned about your child’s upcoming birth, simply say, “The delivery method I will choose is the one that will ensure my baby is healthy.”



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  • Pregnant Mom Parody Of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”

    This mom made a hilarious parody video covering Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” – pregnancy edition.

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  • 6 Pregnancy Books You Need To Read

    Walk into any bookstore, scour the shelves in the prenatal/childbirth section, and be both amazed and terrified at the magnitude of books offered for expectant parents to consume. To save you time and money, we’ve hand-selected our six favorite books to read during pregnancy, which cover everything from getting pregnant to soothing a fussy baby. Upon completion of each book, you’ll close the back cover feeling informed, empowered and prepared for motherhood.

    Mayo Clinic Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy

    This 500+ page guide book of the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and newborn stages, expertly written by a team of medical experts from the renowned Mayo Clinic, offers non-biased advice on everything from spotting and pre-natal sex to preparing for labor and post-partum work decisions. Written in the voice of a wise friend, this book contains many valuable features, including: a 40-week pregnancy calendar, week-by-week updates on baby’s growth, month-by-month physical changes for mom, colored pictures, a decision making chart, and a symptoms guide. Although recommended for all moms, first-time moms will especially appreciate this comprehensive pregnancy and parenting handbook.

    The Expectant Father

    Armin Brott—parenting expert, author and talk show host—presents an honest look at pregnancy from the perspective of an expectant father. He touches on everything from overcoming infertility and taking childbirth classes, to adopting a baby and becoming the father that you want to be, while being both reassuring and funny. The 350+ pages of this modern man’s guide to pregnancy feature expert advice from obstetricians, childbirth instructors, psychologists and sociologists, which leaves expectant fathers feeling more knowledgeable about, and more prepared for, the emotional, financial and physical changes that will occur during their partner’s pregnancy.

    The Best Birth

    A 20-year veteran of the labor and delivery ward, Sarah McMoyler, RN, has crafted an easy-to-follow guide for expectant parents, especially first timers, who are having a planned hospital delivery. Within the pages of this modern book, McMoyler offers practical, realistic advice for moms, including the importance of labor position changes, vocalization and partner support (both during and after childbirth). Her goal is to prepare readers for their upcoming, unpredictable labor and delivery experience, while encouraging them to be flexible with their birth plans and open-minded with their health care providers. The Best Birth takes you through various delivery scenarios, while reiterating the fact that “any birth after which the mother and child are healthy is a success.”

    The Happiest Baby on the Block

    Harvey Karp, MD., a successful California pediatrician and assistant professor at the School of Medicine, UCLA, has combined research, ancient wisdom and experience to craft this easy-to-read guide on remedying colic. Dubbed “perhaps the most important parenting book of the decade,” The Happiest Baby on the Block delves deep into the following four principles that Dr. Karp developed to soothe baby’s senses and improve sleep: the missing fourth trimester, the calming reflex, the 5 “S’s” (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking), and the cuddle cure. While infant colic syndrome typically presents itself during the first three months of baby’s life, these tactics can be applied past the “fourth trimester” to aid in calming baby. The Happiest Toddler on the Block, also by Dr. Karp, is a great follow-up book for parents of children ages one- to four-years-old.

    Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating A Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

    Christopher Gavigan, Former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, which is the leading national non-profit devoted to protecting children from dangerous environmental exposures, has written a book that empowers readers to “clean up” their daily lives, starting with the smallest of changes. Gavigan consulted over 40 experts, including doctors, environmental scientists, public-health experts like Dr. Harvey Karp, and even celebrity parents like Sheryl Crow and Tom Hanks, to offer a comprehensive approach on greening the home, greening your nutrition, and most importantly greening your pregnancy by switching to natural beauty products and setting up a nontoxic nursery. Readers will also get a 27-page buyers guide, packed with resources to aid in the “going green” process.

    Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

    Ina May Gaskin, a founding member and former president of the Midwives’ Alliance of North America, gives a comprehensive overview of the practice of natural childbirth in this guide book. Focusing on the midwifery model of care, Gaskin discusses the importance of the mind-body connection of childbirth to empower women in their natural abilities to give birth. The first half of the book is filled with personal narratives shared by former clients, whose stories Gaskin hopes will ease the worries and fears will-be expectant mothers may have. In the second half, Gaskin delivers practical advice on topics such as avoiding medical intervention that may be unnecessary. In this combination, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth offers an alternative view to childbirth practices and is a good read for both expectant moms and expectant dads.

    Take your time getting through this list of must read books, so that the information doesn’t overwhelm you, and consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

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  • Nine Naturals’ Favorite Mother’s Day Cards

    Nine Naturals celebrates Mother’s Day in a BIG way – after all, Moms are super heroes and deserve the best. Its hard to put into words how special Moms really are. Luckily, we’ve  rounded up our top Mother’s Day card picks for 2014 that say it all for you!

    1) Crochet Booties (For Mom-To-Be) by Papyrus – A perfect card for a Mommy-to-be! These crochet booties are sooooo sweet.

    2) Mother’s Day Coupons (For the New Mom) by Papyrus – Give a new mom a coupon for “A Warm Bath” or “An Actual Adult Conversation” with this clever card.

    3) Funny Mom-to-be Mother’s Day Card – This one made us laugh. Motherhood isn’t glamorous but it sure can be funny.

    4) Wood Mothers Day Card – Painted Floral Design – This beautiful card, painted on Maplewood veneer, provides a unique twist on the typical greeting card and will literally last forever.

    5) Mother’s Day Card — Mom and Baby Elephants Card – Laser cut on certified, sustainable wood with engraved postcard detail on back, this card made our hearts melt. It’s perfect for the Mom or Mom-to-be, from dady or baby!

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  • Valentine’s Day Cards for Moms- and Dads-to-be

    We at Nine Naturals love LOVE with a capital L, so it’s no surprise that Valentine’s day is a big deal around here. We cannot get enough of these hilarious Valentine’s day cards – whether you are expecting and making a baby announcement, or simply sending greetings to a loved one, these cards will have you smiling for days!

    1. Clacy Designs Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement – A classic love poem adapted to show that now there are three!

    2) EgyptianfrogDesigns Pregnancy Announcement Valentine Card – How adorable?

    3) Jdeluce Funny Valentine’s Day for Fathers – A simple Valentine greeting, or the perfect way to let your special someone know that he is about to be a daddy!

    4) Jdeluce Funny MILF  Valentine’s Day Card for Mothers – What mom and mom-to-be wouldn’t get a smile out of this?

    5) SillieReggie Pregnancy Announcement Card – Is there a better way to Say “I love You” than with a bump?

    Tags: Funny, Holidays

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    Congratulations to “Those Crazy Shermans” and to their new baby Zoey who is lucky to have such inspired and creative parents!

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