• Pregnancy Acne and How to Treat It

    We hear all about how pregnant women are supposed to “glow,” right? Sometimes, though, that infamous glow takes a backseat to another common side effect of pregnancy: acne. Acne is quite common during pregnancy and can affect women no matter their skin type. The most likely cause of pregnancy acne is—you guessed it—hormones. During the first trimester especially, your hormone levels increase, along with your skin’s production of natural oils. An increase in the hormones called androgens causes your skin to overproduce an oily substance called sebum. Sebum clogs pores and can also cause bacteria buildup and inflammation, which then leads to breakouts.

    Pregnancy acne is natural, and once hormone levels even out post-pregnancy, the acne usually disappears. It's safest for you, and your growing baby, to avoid heavy-duty acne medication, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through breakouts for nine months. Here are some safe, at-home solutions that can help you deal with pregnancy acne.

    Amend your cleansing routines. You want to be kinder to your skin, so stick to two gentle face washes a day. Washing more than two times a day can overstimulate your oil glands, which can lead to more breakouts. When you do wash (ideally at the end of the day or after a sweaty workout), choose calming cleansers free from alcohol and oils. It’s suggested you use lukewarm water to rinse and avoid harsh steaming water on the face. Since your hairline is close to where acne may form, you also want to be careful of the shampoo you’re using. Shampoo every day using a gentle, pregnancy-safe wash like Nine Naturals Citrus+Mint Nourishing Shampoo. If you find acne breakouts in other areas, follow the same guidelines and check out Nine Naturals Citrus+Geranium Soothing Body Wash.

    Be mindful of your diet. If you’re expecting, you’re probably already hyper-aware of the foods you’re eating. But if you find you’re dealing with problem skin all of a sudden, you might do a diet check-in. Are you focusing on eating whole foods and foods that have been minimally processed? Are you getting hefty daily doses of veggies and fruits? Are you doing your best to avoid sugar? Are you drinking enough water? The food you eat makes a difference in your skin, so be sure you’re being mindful of what you’re consuming. Some foods that make your skin happiest include avocados, salmon, and leafy greens.

    Go for straight-A’s. Speaking of food choices, upping your intake of vitamin A could help out with your pregnancy acne. Vitamin A is instrumental in keeping skin healthy. Avoid the supplements and go straight for the vitamin-rich foods like milk, fish, eggs, and carrots.

    Change how you wear makeup. During pregnancy, you may find it helpful to switch up your makeup routine. Ditch the makeup that are oil-based and opt for water-based products with the label noncomedogenic; this means that the makeup is not pore-clogging. You could also try an oil-free moisturizer or moisturizing product to help maintain balance in your skin.

    Notice the little ways you can take care of your skin. Acne is caused by bacteria, so the more you can avoid bacteria on your face (or wherever your breakouts occur), the better. Keep your hands away from your face, and try not to pick at the pimples. Change your pillowcases frequently as a defense against bacteria buildup. Keep your cellphone at a slight distance, and not pressed against your face. These small tricks can help you battle a massive amount of acne-causing bacteria.

    Talk with your doctor, because not all acne treatments are pregnancy safe. Pregnancy acne is a major pain, but it’s also usually temporary. With that said, it’s best to steer clear of chemically laden, and potentially dangerous, over-the-counter or prescription acne medications and treatments. If you want a natural at-home acne treatment, here’s a recipe we’ve tried: blend together raw honey, cooked (and cooled) oatmeal, and a touch of lemon juice. Apply to your skin and leave on for about 10 minutes. Wash off, then lightly moisturize. Save the intense acne treatments for postpartum, if you still find the need to restore balance in your skin.

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  • Hairstyles for Fall and Winter

    With the weather shifting, it’s time to change up more than our jackets and shoes. The seasons ahead call for their own hairstyles, specific to the cooler weather, darker days, and the looming forecast for snow. Fortunately, when you use Nine Naturals shampoo and conditioner, you’re taking the first steps to gorgeous ‘dos. If you want a stylish look, start with keeping your hair healthy and well-nourished. The dry air of autumn and winter can be tricky for your locks, which is why it’s even more important to pamper your hair during these cooler months. Then, go ahead and pick your favorite stunning fall and winter hairstyle trend.

    Get the crimping iron out of the attic. Crimped hair is making a major comeback this season, much to the delight to those of us who coveted these crimping irons back in our school days. But you’re not a kid anymore, so don’t be afraid to get creative with the crimped look. Try wearing crimped hair in a low ponytail or braid non-crimped hair around the textured locks.

    (c) Barefoot Blonde

    Braided crowns will give you a princess-like flair. Braids are always popular, but right now, inspiration is coming from the decidedly feminine and elegant medieval look. Try a single plait across your head with straight hair or wavy hair. If you’d rather go bold, try an entire head of braided crown. This hairstyle is especially lovely with neutral makeup and only a hint of bling - you want this gorgeous hairstyle to be the center of attention.

    (c) Camille Styles

    Simple knots are your stylish, easy go-to. When you’re expecting a baby, you might not always be in the mood to execute a fully polished hairstyle. Knots are a wonderful compromise between low-maintenance and chic. Twist a knot a the nape of your neck, leaving out just enough strands to create texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the double-knot style, too.

    (c) Harper's Bazaar

    Channel your inner flapper with finger waves. Another fall/winter throwback style is the finger wave. This hairstyle is perfect for holiday parties and special evenings out (take advantage of pre-baby date nights!). Match the hair with dramatic makeup and a chic maternity gown for a stunning look. If your attire is more nonchalant, finger waves add a sweet accent to your look, all without the curling iron.

    (c) Hair and Makeup by Steph

    Voluminous ponytails go the extra mile for your look. If you’re stuck in a rut of pulling your hair back in an everyday ponytail, try adding a bit of pizzazz. Match high-volume hair with a slight bouffant for a fashionable ‘do. You can also try adding in a glossier look by slicking hair back, then volumizing the pulled-up ponytail.

    Add shine and glamor with well-placed hair accessories. So many appealing options can be found for dressing up your hairstyle: metallic bands, jeweled clips, and even tiaras can all be added on for a gorgeous adornment. Be sure your outfit and other accessories match your hair and create a streamlined look, as it can be easy to overdo it.

    Messy top-knots give your hair effortless charm. These top-knots are on trend and gloriously simple to pull off. For long hair, this is a go-to hairstyle, whether you dress it up or down. It’s a versatile look, so you can make it your own. Be sure to stock up on bobby pins so you can manage just how messy, or polished, you’d like your top-knot to be.

    (c) A Beautiful Mess

    Center parts are on-point this season. You’ll want to use a thin comb to get your part perfectly straight, which makes or breaks this particular look. Center parts work especially well with long curls, textured hair, or stylish updos with a few strands framing the face. This part really brings out your features, so keep makeup and accessories neutral.

    (c) Anh Co Tran

    Deep side parts are the center-part’s counterpoint. If center parts don’t work for you, no need to fear. Deep side parts are also very much in style this fall and winter. For this hair style, it’s all about upping the drama in your look. With a deep part, match it with a glossy, slicked-back updo or hair styled down in waves.

    (c) Abigail Spencer, The Wrap

    Beveled bobs are the new bob to wear. In past seasons, shaggy and messy bobs have been all the rage. For fall and winter, you’ll want a sleek, blunt cut for your bob. A beveled bob has a structured and deeply refined look, which makes it easy for your entire look to be chic. You can also match the bob with thick, straight-across bangs for an extra vivid hairstyle.

    (c) Ashley Greene

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