Summer Must Reads For Your Beach Bag

Nothing completes a summer getaway like a good book. Whether you are headed to the beach, the pool, the lake (really anywhere!) or enjoying staycation in your own back yard, we’ve got your must-read, most talked-about books for the summer! From your typical resort read to crime thriller and compelling non-fiction, we have something for everyone:

The Vacationer (Emma Straub)
As you might guess from the title, Straub’s latest has all the hallmarks of a typical family vacation romp: marital strife, a sunny locale (Mallorca), long-held secrets exposed. But what sets it apart is the fine observation and poignant humor. An entirely guilt-free resort read.

Toxin Toxout (Bruce Lourie & Rick Smith)

There are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in commerce today, and authors Lourie and Smith use their trademark humor to give us the good news about what is in our control, the steps we can take to help our bodies remove our toxic burden — and what we can do to avoid it in the first place.

The Maze Runner (James Dashner) 

A NYT bestseller and soon to be major motion picture, The Maze Runner is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Set in post-apocalyptic universe, Thomas finds himself in a lift with no memory of how he got there or who he is. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone, and a maze that no one seem to figure out.

Flying Shoes (Lisa Hayworth)

This touching and disturbing novel about a horrific crime gone unsolved for 30 years is based on the murder of the author’s step-brother. But Flying Shoes isn’t exactly a crime novel; it’s a beautiful portrait of the South, complete with rich characters and humor.

No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Your Beauty Products (Siobhan O’Connor & Alexandra Spunt)

This book is a wake-up call for all women who love to use beauty products but have no idea what’s in them.The book takes an in-depth glimpse into the dangers lurking within the beauty industry, gives consumers knowledge, and opens their eyes to products they should avoid and safer, healthier alternatives.

Friendship (Emily Gould)

Bev and Amy have been best friends for years but suddenly find themselves 30 and at cross roads. Bev is a Midwestern striver still mourning a years-old romantic catastrophe. Amy is an East Coast princess whose luck and charm have too long allowed her to cruise through life. A perfect beach read, Friendship is a novel about two best friends friends learning the difference between getting older and growing up

Hard Choices (Hilary Rodham Clinton)

In the aftermath of her 2008 presidential run, Hilary Rodham Clinton was asked her to serve in newly elected Barack Obama’s administration as Secretary of State. This memoir is the story of the four extraordinary and historic years that followed, and the hard choices that Clinton and her colleagues confronted.

The Invention Of Exile (Vanessa Manko)

Receiving praise from everyone from Salman Rushdie to the NYT, Vanessa Manko’s beautifully written and deeply affecting first novel is the story of a man stranded by history in a strange land, torn away by politics and paranoia from the people he loves, exiled and trapped behind an invisible frontier he dares not cross.

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories (Deckle Edge)

B.J. Novak, The co-star, writer and co-executive producer of NBC’s “The Office,” has captured a lot of media attention with this collection of 63 fictional narratives and comedic vignettes. Using his experience as a tv writer, Novak knows how to deliver a funny line and will actually make you laugh out loud.