Smile For The Camera, Baby – Newborn Photoshoot Tips From Nine Naturals & Photofaire

Peaceful, sleepy grins. Gently closed hands. Pale, pinky feet. Who doesn’t love a good newborn pic…or two, or three… As new parents, you may be interested in documenting this precious and fleeting moment professionally. Whether they’re for new-grandparents, posting on social media, or your new phone background, follow these top tips from Photofaire on how to get the most out of your newborn photoshoot:

Timing is everything. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks of birth. At this stage, babies are sleeping most of the time, making their sweet moments easier to capture. These serene moments won’t last forever so make sure you have some photos to help cherish it forever!

Don’t procrastinate. It’s safe to assume you (and your family) will be pretty overwhelmed once the baby arrives. For help on finding a photographer, refer to Photofaire, which connects anyone with a story to share to a trusted professional near them. Spend adequate time finding the right photographer beforehand, making sure his/her style and personality match with what you’re looking for in the photos and in the experience. Be sure to understand how much the total investment will be, what you will need to bring to the shoot, and what you will be walking away with, to ensure the smoothest shoot possible.

Home is Where the Heart Is. Even if your photographer has a studio, consider having the session done in your home. Being in a familiar surrounding will put both you and baby at ease and ensure that whatever you need to feed, change and calm your baby is within an arm’s reach. Taking the photos in your cozy abode can also give the photos a more intimate look and feel. Depending on what you’re going for this may be a good style choice.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Neutrals. To keep the focus on the baby. Dressing him/her in solid or simple patterned apparel–classic and timeless. There’s a reason why the majority of newborn photo shoots show baby in light, simple clothes, but if you really want to reenact Star Wars or capture the final battle in Harry Potter, don’t forget it is your shoot! That said, never worry about running out of opportunities to have fun with family photos–Halloween comes every year!

Just like any photoshoot, the experience should be something both to look forward to and fondly look back on. Who doesn’t love a good newborn pic? Be sure to share yours with us using #NineNaturals and keep ‘em coming.