Shedding Light on Postnatal Hair Loss

During pregnancy you may notice that your hair has become thicker and more lustrous than ever before. But fast forward to 3 months after the baby’s arrival and you notice the opposite – hair starting to fall out faster than ever before, sometimes even in clumps!

No, you’re not going bald.

Postnatal hair loss, or postpartum alopecia, is actually very common and can affect up to 50% of all new mothers. It involves a general thinning of the hair as well as a more dramatic thinning at the hairline. It is a temporary phase that begins two to five months after birth and can persist for up to a year in many cases.

Postnatal hair loss is caused by the normalization of your hormone cycles after pregnancy. During pregnancy there is a sustained high level of estrogen that prevents normal hair shedding. This is what leads to the apparent thickening of your hair. When your estrogen levels drop off after giving birth, all the hair follicles that had put shedding on pause during pregnancy start up again at the same time. This synchronization is why many women report clumps of hair coming out. While this can certainly be startling it’s not cause for concern. It’s just your body getting back on track.

The good news is that postnatal hair loss isn’t dangerous or permanent. Unfortunately it can take a while for your body to get back to a normal growth cycle and there isn’t anything you can do to prevent the initial disruption. A recent study found that there really aren’t any medical ways to prevent postnatal hair loss, but there are some ways to manage it. Here are our favorite tips to manage postnatal hair loss:

  1. Get A Good Trim: Keeping you hair healthy can minimize the loss. Plus you’ll find some hairstyles, such as volume boosting layers, work better than others when your hair is thinner.
  2. Use A Gentle Shampoo: As a rule of thumb, shampoo your hair using products with natural, plant-based surfactants, which are much less harsh than sulfate-laden shampoos. Nine Naturals Citrus + Mint Nourishing Shampoo will help keep your hair healthy and boost the appearance of thinner hair.
  3. Stick To Low Stress Hair Styles: Tight hairdos can pull on your hair and exacerbate shedding so it’s better to stick to loose hairstyles.
  4. Avoid Deep Conditioning Shampoos:  These products will weigh down your hair making it look even thinner. Instead choose a light conditioner that will work on fine hair. Try Nine Naturals Citrus + Mint Nourishing Conditioner, which uses moisturizing plant-based emollients like broccoli seed oil and shea butter and natural hair strengthening ingredients like vitamin B5 and flax seed oil.
  5. Stay Away From High Stress Styling Tools: When you can, avoid using blow dryers, irons and straighteners– they will dry out and damage your hair.

Remember, postnatal hair loss happens to lots of women. Your hair cycle will get back on track eventually and in the mean time Nine Naturals is here to help!