RackedNY Beauty Diary: Nine Naturals’ Grace Lee On a Week’s Worth Of Non-Toxic Beauty

Nine Naturals Founder Grace was honored to be included in a special beauty feature by one of the top style and fashion news sites in New York City, RackedNY. In Grace’s Beauty Diary, RackedNY followed 7 days of Grace’s non-toxic beauty and lifestyle routine. (Spoiler alert: It includes amazing hair using Nine Naturals Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, gorgeous stretchmark-free pregnant women who are devoted to Nine Naturals Replenishing Belly Butter and adorable pics of Grace’s 2-year old daughter, Charlotte.)

From RackedNY: Grace Lee doesn’t want you to poison your baby. When she learned how chemicals in beauty products can impact unborn tots, Grace left her job as VP on Wall Street to dedicate her life to creating chemical-free, high-performing beauty products for expecting women. Enter Nine Naturals: Grace’s answer to the dilemma of staying beautiful during pregnancy (and beyond), without accidentally hurting your little-one-to-be.

In her week of documented beauty, Grace shares the app that brings a blowout to her apartment, her DIY skin hydrating routine, and a sunblock that’s safe for the whole family (oh yeah, her week ends in Mexico—lucky girl). Click through for seven days of non-toxic beauty with Grace Lee.

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