Q&A with Revolution Organics’ Founder Melissa Shabinsky

On Wednesday, August 21st, Melissa Shabinsky, founder of Revolution Organics, will join us on Facebook for a Q&A & Giveaway on GREENING your Beauty Routine. Nine Naturals sat down with Melissa to learn more about Revolution Organics and her perspective on green beauty. Melissa has been a longtime expert and entrepreneur in the beauty space and, along with Alexandra Zanella, she founded Revolution Organics in 2008. 

NN: What was the inspiration behind Revolution Organics? Why did you decide to launch Revolution Organics?

MS: We really wanted to create a brand that was both green and glam – products that performed but that we healthy, safe and gorgeous, naturally. 

7 years ago when we started looking for more natural beauty products to replace our favourites, they just didn’t exist, or were found at the back of the health food store. When we started working with our labs, we really pushed them to get the colors and performance we wanted since we knew that our products would have to work just as well as the ones made of chemicals, or our customers, like us, just wouldn’t be happy to make the switch.

NN: Tell us about the choice of words – why did you name your line “REVOLUTION” Organics? What is revolutionary?

MS: When we started out, we said to ourselves – ‘let’s really revolutionize the eco beauty space’ – it was like a lightbulb when we said that – so it was only fitting to call the brand REVOLUTION. It is revolutionary because we have been able to make healthy, green products that can stand next to any conventional product, and work!

NN: You have a very strong background in the beauty industry. What lessons did you take from your previous companies? What aspects of the beauty industry does Revolution organics improve upon?

MS: We have both worked in the industry for many years with different brands and I think what we have found is that we try and not get caught up in the ‘product of the moment’ – instead we look to what we, or women like us, want to use and how they want to use it. Multitasking products were very important to us since we both found that we used only a few products and found better ways to use them. We were putting our lipstick on our cheeks as a cream blush…so we created Freedom Glow Beauty Balm to do the same…we were using our lip balm as a moisturizer and a brow tamer…so we created our 22+ Uses All Over Body Balm.  We really try and think outside of the makeup bag!

NN: What sets Revolution Organics apart from other cosmetic lines that also claim to be all-natural?

MS: There is no grey in our green – We are very open and honest about what is inside, how it works and what it is Free Of (hence the Freedom name to our Freedom Glow and Freedom Gloss).  We also maintain the highest level of organic integrity and use only USDA organic ingredients. Our packaging also stands us apart– we wanted packaging with ‘pop’ that didn’t scream green, but was still eco, ethical and sustainable.

NN: Tell us about some of the products you use! We’d love to know a few highlight ingredients and what they do

MS: The 22+ All Over Body Balm was our first product and continues to be a best-seller. It is easy, handy, travel-friendly and family friendly. Our Freedom Glow in Blushed gives that ‘just be for a jog glow’ (who doesn’t love that look??) and for me, our Freedom Gloss in Innocent right now since it is the perfect nude and since it is made with organic oils, it is truly a lip treatment, gloss and color in one.

NN: Would you say you had a personal “natural awakening?” Tell us about it

MS: For me, it started with food and once I started making healthier food choices (gluten-free, dairy-free, less processed foods) my entire skin changed. Beauty does really start from the inside-out. Same thing for your skin – once you start feeding your skin nourishing oils and butters, you’ll see the difference immediately!

NN: What tips do you have for women who are going through a “natural awakening” just beginning to adopt an all-natural beauty regimen? How do you recommend they ease in?

MS: Everyone has their own shade of green. Start by replacing 1 or 2 products, like a lip product (you end up eating it, right?) but the more you try, the more you will find that you really don’t have to compromise on anything to swap our your products to greener versions. Body washes and shampoos were important for me to swap our for my family, and since they are all toxic free, they are nourishing, moisturizing and non-drying. If anything, you’ll wonder what took you so long!

NN: Think about the clients you have who are pregnant – what advice to you have for them about the importance of all-natural skincare and haircare? What advice do you have for them after the baby is born?

MS: Your skin is your largest organ and can absorb what you put on it so, especially during pregnancy, it is important to make toxic-free choices for both you and your baby.

NN: What’s your most popular product among customers?     

MS: Our 22+ All Over Body Balm (great for stretch marks!) and our Freedom Glow Beauty Balm which can be used on eyes, lips, face.

NN: What’s next for Revolution Organics? What can customers look forward to in Q4-2013 and early 2014?

MS: We are ‘underground’ right now working on an amazing new collection of products for 2014 and can’t wait to share the next evolution of the revolution!

NN: What is your favorite Nine Naturals product?

MS: We absolutely LOVE the Vanilla + Geranium Belly Butter (and we don’t just use on our bellies) – smells divine!