Pregnancy Safe Perfumes: A Mom’s Story Behind Her Creation Of Pour le Monde Parfums

Many women consider putting on perfume as an essential beauty step to add a spring in their step and start the day. But what if that beloved fragrance is actually toxic and harmful to use during pregnancy? That’s precisely the dilemma that Wendi Berger, who was then an executive in the beauty and fashion magazine industry, found herself in when she was pregnant. Inspired by her love of fragrances, Wendi created Pour le Monde Parfums, a collection of certified natural, fine fragrances that smell luxurious and are safe to use.

Wendi shares her story:

I Didn’t Know Fragrance Can Be Toxic

“What do you mean I shouldn’t be wearing fragrance?” I said to my health editor. “How could smelling gorgeous be bad for me and my baby?” I knew I was going to be eliminating a lot from my daily routine now that I was pregnant, but perfume? Seriously?

Seriously. I had no idea I was breathing in and putting on fragrant, toxic chemicals all those years, such as:

  • Parabens: A commonly used synthetic preservatives in many fragrances, they can interfere with the production and release of hormones.
  • Phthalates: This popular fragrance preservative is usually highly concentrated in most commercial perfumes. A known carcinogen, health effects may include damage to liver/kidneys, birth defects, decreased sperm counts and early breast development in girls and boys.
  • Synthetic Musks: Studies have shown that several types of synthetic musks not only may disrupt hormones, but traces have been found in: fat tissue, breast milk, body fat, umbilical cord blood, both fresh and marine water samples, air, wastewater and sludge.

Did heavy perfume usage cause my fertility issues? Synthetic musk, an endocrine disrupter, is found in almost every commercial fragrance on the market. Then there are the chemical extenders that can activate allergies. Were these the true source of my migraines? Fragrance also is a big source of indoor pollution and can trigger asthma in young children. Why would I want my baby to breathe this in while growing up?

I Learned That There Was No Legislation For The Word NATURAL

I knew that I had to stop using my favorite scents, but to not finish my wardrobe with a spritz of scent was the equivalent to my leaving the apartment naked. I tried essential oils but the scent reminded me of ground or grass and the application was too oily. Eventually I found a nicely scented body lotion with the words “natural” on the label that got me through the rest of my pregnancy. Afterwards, I learned that it too was synthetic and filled with other toxic ingredients as companies are able to use the word, “natural” on packaging even if the product only contains less than 1% natural ingredients.

It Takes A Mom To Do Something About It. It Took A Fragrance Lover To Make It. 

Frustrated by my search for a wonderfully scented, but truly 100% all natural product, I created Pour le Monde Parfums. The collection is certified by the prestigious Natural Products Association, is certified by and is animal-cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.

The Pour le Monde Parfums (meaning “for the world”) collection took over two years to develop. Our formulas are free of absolutes—a form of essential oil that is extracted by using petroleum ether or hexane—which are considered natural, but not at the 100% level. In addition to being luxurious and safe to use, all three Pour Le Monde fragrances benefit a different charity. 10% of the proceeds from each bottle sold benefits the following charities:

  • Empower: a unisex citrus scent helps Guiding Eyes for the Blind/Heeling Autism.
  • Envision: a sensual lavender, spicy mix benefits National MS Society.
  • Together: a classic woodsy floral supports Cancer Support Community (Gilda’s Club).

As a mom who missed out on that special scent during my pregnancy, I want all moms to make a new fragrance memory around this important time in their lives. We are offering Nine Naturals customers $13 off each bottle of Pour le Monde Parfums Collection. Just use this special code: NATURAL (Hurry! Expires 10.15.14).

Here’s to a safe and healthy pregnancy and smelling beautiful, naturally!

Wendi Berger is a former beauty and fashion magazine executive (ELLE, InStyle, Vanity Fair). When she was pregnant, Wendi discovered that the chemicals in perfume could have an adverse effect on her health and her unborn child’s health. Seeing a hole in the marketplace, Wendi was inspired to develop a luxurious collection of safe, all natural spray eau de parfums. After two years of development, Pour le Monde (for the world) the first certified 100% natural fine fragrances was launched.