Partying While Pregnant! Nine Naturals’ 9 Tips for Having a Blast!

Ah, to be pregnant during the holidays. Carrying your growing belly through a New Year’s Eve soiree can yield a lot of fun flattery and exciting conversation but can also cramp your usual celebration style. So that you have as great a time out on the town as possible, here’s a list of 9 tips to help you celebrate with satisfaction.

  1. Take a nap before you go out. Hitting the town when pregnant can be fun, but it can also exhaust you a bit more quickly than it would before you were expecting. Resting up beforehand will help you boogie down that much longer.
  2. Have someone else host a party for you. Say “yes” to the invite and “maybe next time” to the hosting! To avoid getting pooped out, take it easy and relax while your friends organize the shindig. And try not to host the party at your place — you want to be able to call it quits when you feel like it without having to kick people out.
  3. Party with other pregnant moms-to-be. A gaggle of expecting moms can organize activities that are unrelated to alcohol: think “Secret Santa,” karaoke, or a board game block party.
  4. Get gussied up! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should deny your urge to glam. Get your hair done the day of the party, and find a cute dress to get excited about the festivities! But high heels or pantyhose — they can cut off circulation and cause backache.
  5. Drink Yourself Silly with Mocktails. Since you’re a responsible future mom, you know to avoid exposure to alcohol and smoking. But you can still find ways to enjoy yourself with a tasty beverage. Challenge bartenders to craft a special nonalcoholic or “virgin” drink for you. Or bring a mocktail with you (like sparkling cider). Check out our recent article on the best holiday mocktails for advice.
  6. Snack your way to party success. Bringing a few of your favorite snacks is an awesome way to control your food cravings at the gathering. It’ll also help you avoid problematic hors d’oeuvres like soft cheeses, sushi, cold cooked meat, and anything with homemade mayonnaise – all of which can all harbor unsafe bacteria.
  7. Treat yourself to a single-person house party. Wanna stay in instead of going to the party? Few things are more fun than simply staying cozy. To compliment your ambition to relax, take a glance at our list of great movies for moms and moms-to-be.
  8. Get your groove on (gently)! If your baby can kick when she gets excited, you should be allowed to shake your tailfeathers too. But be careful not to party too hard. Too much twisting and shouting can bring on stomach pains, or even early labor.
  9. Make a glamorous exit at 12:01am. Consider exiting the party fashionably early this time. Your body and your baby will definitely appreciate the extra rest. For additional flair in your party farewell, pre-book a taxi home with Uber or Lyft.

For additional tips for partying while pregnant, electric-slide your way to our Fourth of July Guide to Pregnancy.