Our Top Push Present Picks

After 40 weeks of pregnancy with weight gain, fatigue, varicose veins (the list goes on!) and then the efforts of labor – the gift of a beautiful, healthy baby is certainly the ultimate gift. But, it’s nice for a woman to be pampered and spoiled a little bit – don’t you think?

Enter the “push present.” A push present is a gift from a woman’s partner as a “thank you” for the energy and effort of being pregnant and giving birth to a baby. The term “push present” seems to have appeared in the early 90’s, however the push present, as a concept, has been around in various forms for thousands of years. In the past, it was also a way to commemorate the birth of a baby and honor the mother for carrying the baby and giving birth. The “push present” of yore was part of the “shower” wherein communities tried to help give the mom and baby a good start by giving them gifts to get them through infancy.

Push presents today often come in the form of jewelry. Perhaps if you were an early Google investor or live on an oilfield, you’ll consider a diamond sparkler like Rachel Zoe’s 10-carat Neil Lane ring from her husband Roger after the birth of their son, Skyler. Otherwise, we still love the idea of a sentimental piece of jewelry that will also remind you of your little one. Here’s a few of our favorite pieces:

1. Sarah Chloe Mini gold-plated heartbeat necklace 2. Sarah Chloe MiniSilver-heartbeat ring 3. Jennifer Meyer “mum” necklace 4. Colleen Berg Baby thumbprint necklace 5. Cartier LOVE bracelet 6. Tali Gillette Mama necklace 7. Tiffany “Mom” heart locket 8. Jennifer Meyer diamond initial pendant.

If you’re not the jewelry type, here are some non-jewelry gift ideas that you’ll certainly appreciate once the baby arrives:

  • A designer diaper bag. A bit of a splurge for something that technically will be toting diapers and bottles, yet it will be a bag that you will be using ALL the time, often in lieu of your own handbag. Check out the ones from Gucci.
  • A spa day package/massage. A day off relaxing at the spa is the perfect getaway.
  • A date night out. Have your own little private celebration of the newest addition to the family. It might be hard to get away in the first few weeks or months, but a thoughtful night out with your partner is a wonderful way to celebrate – along with a glass of champagne!
  • A romantic getaway. Okay, so not right away, but once things have settled in, planning even a one- or two-night getaway will be a nice way to spend some intimate time with your partner and celebrate no longer being pregnant!