Our Favorite Stylish + Sun Protective Pieces for this Summer

Summer’s in full swing and in between barbecues and picnics, don’t forget to protect yourself in the sun! This is especially important for pregnant women as hormonal changes can cause a pregnant woman’s skin to become extremely sensitive to the sun. In addition to wearing sunscreen and following recommended sun safety practices, sun protective clothing is a great way to protect yourself while continuing to look cute and fashionable at the beach. Sun protective clothing has a higher UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) than your average T-shirt, of up to 50 built into the fabric. A higher UPF factor provides essential protection from harmful UVA rays and the negative effects of sun damage.

Find all of our favorite sun protective clothing here:

  1. J.Crew Patterned Summer Straw Hat
  2. Coolibar Coastline Cover Up Dress – Coral Geo Ikat
  3. J.Crew Liberty Katie Ann Short Sleeve Rash Guard 
  4. Coolibar Beach Sun Wrap
  5. Mott 50 Shawl For Birchbox
  6. J.Crew Sleeveless Rashguard on Liberty Poppy’s Patchwork
  7. Bloxsun Chainlink Sun Scarf
  8. J.Crew Navy Stripe Rash Guard