What's the Best Pregnancy Calculator?

If you’re performing mental gymnastics trying to make sense of your due date and your pregnancy timeline, you’re not alone. Due dates are not usually exact predictions, even when you’re calculating your pregnancy correctly. So how is it done? The official way of calculating your pregnancy due date is with Naegele’s Rule. With this formula, you can estimate the due date by adding one year, subtracting three months, and adding seven days to the first day of your last period. Or instead, you can check out one of these online pregnancy calculators that we found and loved.

Best dressed: WebMD. This calculator puts its best foot forward. On the front page is a calendar for you to click the first date of your last period, making it easy to use by cutting right to the chase.

Best sense of humor: The Bump. The Bump is generally known for throwing jokes and puns into its informative pieces on pregnancy, so if you’re looking for a lighter tone, visit here first.

Most informative: Baby Med. Not only can you calculate your pregnancy timeline, but this website offers extensive info on ovulation, conception, and the science behind due date estimation.

Most organized: Pampers. This one couldn’t be easier to navigate; it gives you everything you need without the fluff or distractions.

Best personality: Belly Belly. Not only does this calculator do its job, it also offers insight into the virtue of patience when it comes to pregnancy and waiting for baby to arrive. Reading the articles linked to the calculator will help give you a relaxed perspective (if that’s possible!) on awaiting your due date.

Biggest overachiever: American Pregnancy. Not only will this website give you an estimated due date, it will also tell you the estimated conception date, estimated gestational age, and your estimated fertility window.

Most inspirational: Your Fertility. This calculator is for determining ovulation and your fertile days. The information it provides can be a huge help when you’re trying to get pregnant.

Most school spirit: Babycenter. The Babycenter website is a major cheerleader for Team Pregnancy and it offers a long list of suggested articles, tailored to the trimester of pregnancy its calculator determines you to be in.  

Most versatile: Your Due Date. How do you want to calculate your due date? This calculator has several different options to choose from, like first date of last period and IVF transfer date.

Most likely to succeed: What To Expect. The “What To Expect” brand is such a mainstay, even women who’ve never been pregnant know the name. Their calculator is easy to use and is matched with an extensive FAQ section, along with the websites of every article on pregnancy that a person could imagine.