Our 9 Favorite Uses for Nine Naturals Simply Natural Lip Balm + Repairing Body Balm

We’ve been keeping a secret from you that we can finally share! The Nine Naturals team has been using our NEW Simply Natural Lip Balm & Repairing Body Balm for months and we are absolutely in love with these versatile products. We use them for everything.

Here are our 9 favorite uses for the Simply Natural Lip Balm & Repairing Body Balm:

1) Soothe Sunburn: Sometimes even careful sun protection practices can sometimes fail to completely prevent sunburns, especially if you have fair or sensitive skin. The Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm, made with moisturizing butters and soothing calendula extract, can help heal and protect sun damaged skin.

2) Make Natural Make-Up: Mix a little bit of Simply Natural Lip Balm with your all-natural powder blush or eye shadows to make long lasting cream-versions of your favorite makeup products. Bonus: Depending on the color, these new creams can also double as tinted lip balm!

3) Cure Dry Cuticles: Dry cuticles are a season-less issue for us. We love the stick feature of the Repairing Body Balm to use on our cuticles without making our fingers a greasy mess!

4) Soothe Your Achy Nose During Allergy Season: Are allergies causing you to constantly blow your nose and irritate your skin? Soothe the chapped, irritated skin around your nose by dabbing some Repairing Body Balm to relieve the pain of red, tender skin.

5) Heal Dry, Cracked Heels: You don’t hear many women talking about it even though dry, cracked heels are a common symptom of pregnancy! Mongongo oil, the main ingredient in the Repairing Body Balm, has been used for centuries to help heal and moisturize skin. Apply the balm to your feet morning and night to help protect the skin and restore moisture.

6) Control Flyaways: We love using Nine Naturals Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner to tame flyaways in the morning. However, if you are battling frizz and static hair when out and about, just rub a little bit of Simply Natural Lip Balm on your palms or finger tips and comb through your hair. It’ll smooth out your tresses immediately!

7) Smooth Brows: Use the Simply Naturals Lip Balm to shape your brows in the morning. No need for a special brow gel with this trick – it saves both money and precious space in your make-up bag.

8) Comfort Skin After Shaving Nicks: Next time you cut yourself shaving, ditch the piece of toilet paper for a clear coat of Repairing Body Balm instead.

9) Ease In To New Shoes: Wearing a fabulous new pair of shoes is fun, but breaking in those new heels can be downright painful. Protect the back of your feet and help prevent blisters by using the Repairing Body Balm to reduce the friction from new shoes when not wearing hose or socks.

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