Our 5 Favorite Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the baby’s arrival and see some of your closest fiends and family before things get really busy. But not as fun is trying to think of baby shower activities that moms, moms-to-be, single girlfriends, dads, brothers and all the other special dudes in your life (in case you have a co-ed baby shower) can all enjoy. Since we know a little something about pregnancy and, most importantly, celebrating pregnancy here at Nine Naturals, we’ve put together our 5 favorite baby shower games. There is something for everyone!

1. Birthday Card Time Capsules
Supplies needed: Blank cards, consecutively numbered envelopes, pens
Pass out blank greeting cards along with consecutively numbered envelopes to each of your guests. Instruct each guest to write a birthday card to the baby-to-be for the age/number that is listed on the envelope. For instance, the person who receives envelope number 13 will write a birthday message for the baby’s thirteenth birthday. The cards will make special gifts for both mom and baby throughout the years to come.

2. Make Your Own Mocktails
Supplies needed: Juices, sugar, soda, water, cream, fruit assortments, cups
Have a little mixology contest with all your guests! Pull out your favorite non alcoholic juices and ingredients (i.e. pineapple juice, lime juice, coconut cream, etc.) with stirrers, shakers, and plenty of cups! Have the guests take a stab at making their own mocktails. The mom-to-be can be the judge and pick the winner.

3. Who Will the Baby Look Like?
Supplies Needed: Pictures of the parents-to-be and relatives, scissors (make sure to have enough copies for the photos and scissors for everyone!), construction paper or any paper
It’s always fun to guess who the baby will look like – mom, dad, great grand uncle Albert? Print out pictures of mom-to-be, dad-to-be, and all of their relatives. Guests cut out and mix and match the facial parts (e.g. brows, eyes, lips, nose) they think the baby will have!

4. Guess The Celebrity Baby
Supplies Needed: Pictures of celebrities and their babies, pens, paper
Is that Shiloh? North? Blue Ivy? Test your guests’  familiarity with Hollywood! Print out pictures of celebrity babies and have your guests take a shot at guessing the babies’ famous parents!

5. Advice To The Mom-To-Be (And Dad-To-Be If It’s A Co-Ed Shower)
Supplies Needed: Small blank cards, pens, envelop, scrapbook/glass jar
Have guests write down their words of wisdom on notecards and store them in pretty envelopes. You can either have guests place these in a scrapbook or glass jar for the mom-to-be.