On-The-Go Moisture Repair

Moms-to-be are often said to have a rosy glow. Unfortunately, Old Man Winter can counteract that healthy hue and really do a number on your skin. Luckily, you can reverse the effects of cold days by following a few simple tips that will keep skin moisturized even when you’re on the go.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We hear this all the time, but it’s so true. After all, water is key to good health and good skin. Fortunately, it’s readily available, cheap (or free from the tap) and you can bring it anywhere. Stash some extra water bottles in your office, in your car and anywhere else you frequent. Fill them up regularly, and aim to consume six to eight glasses per day. Opt for water over other beverages when you’re out, and one of our favorite tricks to drink more water is to add a slice of lemon whenever you can for a little zest.

Humidify. You may only break out your humidifier when you have a case of the sniffles, but these little beauties also support supple skin by infusing the air with moisture. Use one at home while you sleep to combat the dry air from your heater, but also consider bringing one to your office. They’re portable, so you can travel with them and easy to use. Air-O-Swiss offers a series of advanced air treatment systems that optimizes your air, thus soothing your skin.

Heal. Certain skin areas are more susceptible to the elements than others, including cuticles, elbows and heels. Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm heals and protects all of your dry skin but is particularly effective in areas that need some extra TLC. The size makes it easy to grab and go, so keep this nutrient-rich balm in your purse, desk or the console of your car and apply it three times per day for maximum moisture.


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