Your Favorite Articles in 2016

Happy 2017 to all! We've been thinking about the topics you want to read about in the next year, and it prompted us to take a look back at what you enjoyed in 2016. From pregnancy health and beauty to the environment to fabulous photoshoots for your little bebe, these were the articles you loved last year ... 

7 Ab-Rehab Tips Following DeliveryWith the proper rehab, you can absolutely get your core back to its pre-pregnancy (or better!) state. The great news is you can begin your core rehabilitation process as soon as you feel comfortable following delivery, and it is most likely easier than you think. 

Keep Your Diaper Bag Organized: Every January we have the best intentions to stick to our resolution to make our lives a little more organized. This year ensure your diaper bag will stay organized and fabulous year-round with these top 4 tips!

4 Steps to Fight Morning SicknessWhile many suggest that morning sickness might be a good sign that the baby is growing and healthy, let’s face it–feeling pregnancy nausea is miserable. Here are Nine Naturals’ and healthy mama®’s top tips for avoiding and treating morning sickness.

Why You Should Avoid MicrobeadsFor the past decade, “microbeads” have been ubiquitous in the world of personal care products; these round, plastic particles are an exfoliation ingredient in everything from toothpastes to facial scrubs. Unfortunately, microbeads are far from the friendly little scrubbers they’ve been made out to be.

Smile For The Camera, Baby – Newborn Photoshoot Tips: Peaceful, sleepy grins. Gently closed hands. Pale, pinky feet. Who doesn’t love a good newborn pic…or two, or three…Follow these top tips from Photofaire on how to get the most out of your newborn photoshoot.

Track Baby's VisionHave you ever wondered what the world would look like through your babys eyes? Now you can follow along, with this timeline of baby’s vision development, courtesy of our friends at Comotomo, baby bottle and teethers brand.

Zika-Free Babymoon DestinationsYour baby is on the way, but before he (or she!) arrives, you and your partner are planning a celebratory babymoon to a dazzling tropical locale. There are plenty of gorgeously sunny and peaceful destinations for you to jet off to, pre-baby.

Smile For The Camera Mama – Maternity Photoshoot TipsIf you’re expecting, the thought of a stranger documenting your growing body may be nerve-wracking. To bring your fantasy photoshoot to life and get the best bang for your buck, try these top maternity photoshoot tips from our friends at Photofaire.

Top 5 Instagrams For #NuseryInspoHere are Nine Naturals’ top five fetching nurseries, bringing next-level nesting inspiration to your Instagram feed. Tag #NineNaturals to feature your creative nursery decor!