New Mama Recipe: Crunchy BLT Chopped Salad

A 30 minute recipe that will keep you satisfied.

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

As a new mama, you probably spent a lot of your time worrying about whether you should eat this or that. But now that baby’s here, guess what? It’s time to indulge a little. If bacon was at the top of your pregnancy cravings, here’s a recipe that will bring you joy. And all in under 30 minutes.

Crunchy BLT Chopped Salad
Serves 2

5.5 ounces bacon thinly sliced
½ head of iceberg lettuce – cut in small chunks or thick strips
20 large (or 40 medium) basil leaves (10 for dressing, 10 for salad)
3 T Mayonnaise
3 T Creme fraiche
3 T Red wine vinegar
1/8 – 1/4 t Sea salt – depending on saltiness of your bacon
1/2 t Fresh ground black pepper
2 Medium-large tomatoes – cut in strips
1 Avocado – thinly sliced (if you’re an avocado lover, you can add more)
*be careful with salt as the bacon is already salty

-Cook your bacon until nice and golden brown and set aside on a paper towel, 2-4 minutes per side depending on thickness. The thin cut bacon works well here for timing as well as crunchiness.
-While the bacon is cooking, roll together 10 of the basil leaves and roughly chop. Place in a small handheld Cuisinart mixer or small mixing bowl. Add creme fraiche, mayonnaise, vinegar, salt & pepper and mix well. If using a bowl mix with a whisk try to break up or bruise the basil so it incorporates well into the dressing. Set aside.
-Slice your lettuce and place in the serving bowl. You want smaller strips or bite size chunks, not bigger leaves.
-Roughly chiffonade or chop the other 10 basil leaves and mix in with the lettuce in the serving bowl.
-Seed and slice the tomato and place on top of lettuce.
-Thinly slice the avocado and place on top of the tomato.
-Break up the bacon in bite size pieces and place on top of the avocado.
-Finally, drizzle your dressing atop the salad and mix well before eating.

This article is by Campbell Whitman, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.


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